Clinical Use

Learn more about using Bi-Tapp in a clinical setting

Bi-Tapp has been used as a resource in many different settings by professionals to help people of all ages, including themselves, feel calmer, reduce anxiety, reduce emotional dysregulation and improve focus.

EMDR Therapy

It has already been well established over the years that not everyone can do eye movement bilateral stimulation when engaging in EMDR therapy and alternatives had to be found. There are also simply times when the switch to bilateral tapping is needed to continue the reprocessing.

We have created a product that closely replicates manual tapping (bilateral tapping sensation) because we wanted people to experience the more natural sensation that comes with manual tapping.

To learn more about this comprehensive, evidence based psychotherapy, visit emdria.org

Providers who have utilized Bi-Tapp in their sessions are reporting these advantages to using this product:

  • Dependable product: the tappers will stay connected to the App
  • Great product design: the tappers fit comfortably in your hands
  • Slider bar: you get to choose the rate of speed and intensity of the tapping
  • Battery life is easily over 48 hours per charge



Personally & Professionally I have seen the positive impact of using Bi-Tapps! I wear them on the way home from work & find I am more centered & relaxed & not thinking as much about the day behind me.

I have also noticed how they help me sustain concentration! I have seen their benefits in reducing anxiety, improving sleep patterns & increasing the ability to manage pain. It is truly remarkable to just be able to put them on & let the gentle pulsing help the nervous system to reset. I take them everywhere I go!

– Dr. Sara Gilman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for 33 years, a former FireFighter & active athlete, she is passionate about bringing hope & healing to her clients, and empowering her team of EMDR Clinicians at Coherence Associates, to thrive in the work they do.

I primarily use tapping on my clients as the means of providing bilateral stimulation. I like the freedom it gives my clients to physically move as they need to, and it enables them to have their eyes open or closed during processing.

I prefer Bi-Tapp pulsers for offering bilateral stimulation for clients who do not want to be personally tapped, and for remote sessions. I find the Bi-Tapp pulsers to be the most natural feeling and non-intrusive alternatives for bilateral stimulation. I have clients either put them under their legs, in their socks, they can hold them, or wear them with wristbands.

People I’ve referred to bi-tapp.com have reported the company was easy to work with, and responsive to needs and questions. I highly recommend this product, and regularly refer therapists in the somatic EMDR trainings I offer.

– Craig Penner, MFT, has been practicing since 1982, and specializes in experiential, process-oriented somatic therapy, blended with EMDR. He has conducted his Natural Processing Trainings across the country and in Canada since 2014.

A Calming Resource

Is bilateral stimulation safe as a stand alone resource?

The short answer is “yes”.

Mark Grant, MA is a clinical psychologist, research, author and EMDR consultant. He served as the chairperson of the EMDR Association of Australia from 2000-2008. His research and the Apps he has developed focus on bilateral tones. Mark has been teaching since the 1990’s that bilateral tones are a safe, effective resource for the majority of people. His website is overcomingpain.com. He shares how bilateral tones reduce anxiety, reduce chronic pain and improves sleep. Bilateral tapping simply gives you another option to achieve these same results.

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