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School / Academics

Improved academic performance ★★★★★

My dad bought me some tappers. I started using them to help me stay calm in school so I could pay attention better. I really started to do better in school.The most important thing that has happened is that my ACT score has gone up significantly. The first few times I took the test I scored 22. I took an ACT prep course and started wearing the tappers and my last ACT score was 28. My tappers are awesome!! – Logan

Test and Tryouts ★★★★★

My son has struggled with anxiety for quite some time and we have tried many different things to help him when he is feeling anxious or stressed. A few weeks ago he had a busy week and he was feeling some stress about a few tests he had and basketball tryouts. He used his set of Bi-Tapp and kept them in his socks throughout the day. He was able to stay calm during his tests and felt like he was able to focus on the test rather than being distracted by his anxiety. He did not use the tappers during his basketball tryout, but he felt like their use up to the tryout helped him have the ability to remain calm and focused. We love Bi-Tapp and are so grateful for the help they have been! – Ashley

Amazing for School ★★★★★

I love Bi-Tapp! I have suffered from pretty bad anxiety most of my life and it is worse in big crowds and in school settings where there are unknown factors. I recently had to make a trip to Chicago for school and was really struggling with the fear of being there and the uncertainly of new situations. Once in Chicago, and in class, the stress got even worse and I had no option but to make it through the day. I placed a Tapper in each of my pockets and my anxiety went from a 9 to a 3 just by having them in my pocket. I was then able to concentrate and perform at the best of my ability. The best thing about it was that they were so quiet that no one even knew that I had them on me. – Kendra

A classroom aide ★★★★★

I have had my tappers for awhile and can’t recommend them enough. I bring them to the school I teach at for use when needed. I have a few students who escalate and become angry very quickly. One day, I told one of them to hold the tappers and count to ten before we conferenced about his behavior. He was able to calm down quickly and we were able to communicate without a tantrum. It was amazing. I think every school should have tappers as an aide for calming students. – Camille

Helping students ★★★★★

As a school counselor, I have used the tappers to help students who are in an escalated state of emotion (anger, sadness, anxiety) bring the emotion to a manageable level so that they can more effectively process what’s going on for them. On one occasion, a young man was brought to my office as he was so emotionally out of control he was trying to harm himself. He sat at my desk and began forcefully banging his head against it. I handed him the tappers and simply said, “Hold onto these for a minute.” The calming effect was almost instant. He ceased from banging his head, and within seconds we were able to talk about what was bothering him in a more productive way. – Lynn

Tapping to Wellness ★★★★★

I am a school counselor at a high school and this year my team and I started a program called Tapping to Wellness. We have been moving in the direction to become a Trauma Informed School and one of the ways we felt we could address stress, anxiety, trauma and even ADHD was to have a set of tappers in our classrooms. Currently we are working to write grants to get enough tappers in each of our classrooms. We started our project by training our teachers on how to use them and what to use the tappers for and to help them identify students that may be struggling. We began on November 2nd. In a 2 1/2 week period we are seeing a 50% reduction in our students anxiety levels. Our students are reporting that they feel calmer, they were more focused in class or on their tests and they felt less overwhelmed. We are excited to see where this project will lead us. – KarriAnn

Reduced my anxiety at school ★★★★★

It is my goal to go into the medical field. I finished my CNA course and passed the written test easily, but I struggled to pass the skills part of the test to become certified. I would get anxious performing in front of other people. I failed the same test two times. I knew the information but I would just get too nervous having the instructor watch me. I decided to try the tappers to help me get through this portion of the test. They helped me stay calm and feel focused on what I needed to do, and I passed with a 90%. Bi-Tapp is awesome! – Kate

Amazing ★★★★★

Just wanted to say how amazing I think this product is! I gave them to my “energetic” teenage son this morning and for the first time in a long time, I was not exhausted just trying to get him out the door for school. He said he noticed a difference as well, which is also huge as he is not usually aware of feelings. He even knew what speed felt right to him which was a concern I initially had. I have used them as well to help me be calm and regulate my moods and am impressed by the difference I notice. Thanks!! – Amy

The tappers helped me on a hard day at school ★★★★★

My brother from another mother got in a bad car crash and I was waiting for a call telling me what happened exactly. I had school that day and I made a bad decision to ditch class and try and calm down. My principal found me and let me borrow the tappers. It really helped me through the day until I got the call. (Luckily, he just broke a few bones). I highly recommend using them as the rhythmic pattern is satisfying. – Jae

Middle School ★★★★★

My middle-school-aged son really struggles with anxiety and overwhelm. At school he began to shut down more and more often, writing “I am a failure” on his work instead of completing it. We decided to give the tappers a chance for him to try at school and I am amazed and grateful at the results. After the first day, which was an intense one, I came home to discover him smiling gently and making a snack for himself. He reported that he got all of his make-up work so we could do some at home and that he DID NOT feel like a failure EVEN ONCE in the day. I nearly cried. He lost one of the tappers and did a few days at school without them, regressing to his previous mental state. We decided to get a new set (make sure you label them, use the bands, and keep them ON their body when at school!) and immediately his productivity, resiliency, and hopefulness increased. I am so grateful for these tappers! – Rebecca


Calming at night ★★★★★

While suffering through months of difficult trauma, falling asleep was impossible many nights. Sometimes holding the tappers on their own was enough. But many nights, I have held them and listened to soft meditation music or a breathing app. These combinations really help me to calm down and relax. – Martha

I was able to get off my medications to help me sleep ★★★★★

Due to medical reasons, I’ve had a whole year of always being on something every single night that “helped” me sleep and once I was done with chemo, I knew I wanted to learn to sleep again by myself. I believe the tappers helped me get there, especially since I have several new fears/anxieties from the past year that revolve around the dark, night, being alone… I noticed I fell asleep easier and quicker. My mind didn’t seem to get going, and I was able to sleep deeper. If I woke up, I was able to fall back asleep rather than laying awake. Thank you. – Merilee

Less Anxiety and Improved Sleep ★★★★★

It’s amazing how much these things can help! There are nights I have a hard time going to sleep … my mind races with the stress of work and life. I have used the tappers to help me fall asleep. I’ve used a slow speed and soft tap, and the constant tapping just seems to settle my brain down. It is so comforting during the day to know that should my anxiety kick up, instead of suffering through it, I can just turn on the tappers and feel like there is help for me. It helps me not feel so alone when that anxiety is high. – Shane

Reducing my chronic anxiety and improving my sleep without negative side effects ★★★★★

I have had years of chronic stress and anxiety and lately multiple health issues to address that also cause anxiety. My personality is naturally more anxious. I am so grateful to have an alternative to medications to help anxiety. There are no negative side effects with Bi-Tapps like there are with medications! I often take the Bi-Tapps with me when I am going through a rough patch by putting them in my socks or pants pockets. I am constantly amazed at how they help settle my mind down so I can think more clearly and be more present and focused. For years I have had trouble going to sleep and then trouble sleeping through the night. My mind will review the events of the day or week over and over. When this starts to happen now, I grab my Bi-Tapps that are recharging on my nightstand and within 15 minutes I am asleep so deeply that in the morning I often have the Bi-Tapps still in my hands. If I happen to wake up, I turn the tappers on again and within minutes I am back asleep. The heartbeat type of sound and rhythm have an incredibly soothing influence on my mind. I am so grateful to have found this “tool” to help me deal much more effectively with my sleeping issues and with fear and anxiety. My kids have used them during tests and say they help settle their mind so they can focus better. I highly recommend the Bi-Tapps to anyone who struggles with similar issues and encourage you to keep them accessible so you too can see their powerful effect over time. I have given them to family members that do not use them consistently and therefore do not know just how helpful they can be…..that is why keeping them accessible and charged is so important. – Kirsten

Sense of Calm ★★★★★

I learned about bilateral stimulation several years ago and have used it from time to time with my kids to help them work through their various “funks.” I have personally used breathing and meditation to manage stress caused by work and a busy family life, but have been pleasantly surprised with how easily the Bi-Tapp creates space and awareness to bring a sense of calm. The biggest surprise has been how my kids use the Bi-Tapp to help them go to sleep faster. Inspired by this, I have used them when I wake at night with my mind racing and cannot go back to sleep. Within a few minutes, the chatter in my mind starts to calm, slowly disappears and I am able to fall back asleep. The app is simple to use. I would like if the scales had numbers so that I can more easily return them to my preferred settings after my kids have used them, however, it is not a big problem. I am now using them with my breathing and meditation practices to more quickly get into a relaxed and conscious state. I look forward to continuing to learn more uses for my family and my own mental and emotional health. I truly believe that this product can be beneficial for anyone dealing with stress in all its various forms. – Cory

Medical / Dental

Bi-Tapp helped me during my pregnancy ★★★★★

I love Bi-Tapp! I can’t say enough positive things about this product! I am currently pregnant and have struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my pregnancy. The tappers are the ONLY thing that has helped me get to sleep at night. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I have also had complications with my pregnancy that has skyrocketed my anxiety and using the tappers during the day – at doctor’s appointments, traveling, work, etc. has helped tremendously in grounding me and helping me cope with what’s been going on. This product is truly amazing and I am grateful for how much it has helped me. -Megan

Lowered my pain meds ★★★★★

I’ve been using Bi-Tapps since they were made available. They have helped me calm down when I have anxiety and they help me fall asleep quickly almost every night and help me fall back asleep if I wake too soon. If I travel very far in the car, I experience pain and the Bi-Tapps are my rescue. What I am surprised about is how much they have helped me with my chronic pain. The tapping action helps me get to a place where pain does not dominate my mind and body. I have reduced my opioid drugs by 60% and should be totally off them within two more months. – Carolyn

I am doing better after my stroke ★★★★★

Bi-Tapp has made a positive change in my life and I am grateful for the help it has given me. I have come to realize that for many years I struggled making decisions as I would constantly question even the simplest everyday decisions I needed to make. The stress this caused me was huge and I now realize I felt stressed most of the time. Truth is I had a stroke two years ago and knew at the time that it was from the stress I was experiencing. I realized I didn’t have the tools to manage my anxiety and stress. Since using the Bi-Tapp, I find I am calmer and I can make better decisions because I don’t feel as stressed as I used to. I feel positive about the decisions I am making and I am trusting my decisions. I wear the tappers on my wrists with the bands as that is more comforting to me and I always know where they are. At night I often hold them in my hands as I am unwinding from the day. I love this resource as it has given me the help I have needed to be calmer and feel okay with my decisions. – Luann

Parkinson’s ★★★★★

My mom has been using the Bi-tappers for her Parkinson’s. With this diagnosis, she is proactive reading, doing puzzles, maintaining a brain healthy diet AND she is using the tappers. My mom told me that the doctor asked her what she was doing because she has significantly reduced the advancement of her Parkinson’s without taking any medication. She told him about the Bi-Tapp. He asked her for the website. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to see my mom manage her Parkinson’s without medication. – Sarah

Anxiety due to a medical condition ★★★★★

I have had a lifetime of complex trauma that was crippling. I have received EMDR therapy for several years and it has made a tremendous difference. Recently, I have been diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia. Given that one of the major characteristics of my type of dementia is heightened anxiety, the tappers have been a godsend. Instead of having to take anti-anxiety medication, I can now primarily use Bi-Tapp to get through my day with far, far less stress. I use them from the time I wake up, all day, then let them ease me into sleep each night. They’ve honestly changed my life for the better in a way even the best efforts of the traditional medical community have not been able to. I can’t recommend them highly enough. It’s a stressful world out there, and these wonderful tappers are helping me manage it with grace. – Jolie

Diabetes and tappers ★★★★★

I purchased the Bi-Tappers in hopes that they would help me with anxiety. I am an insulin dependent Type 2 diabetic. Diabetes runs heavily in my family, and I realize the long-term effects this disease has on one’s health. Even with nutritional counseling and high doses of medication and insulin, my sugars were still slightly elevated. Doctors suggested that the stress from my job may be a contributing factor as cortisol is released into the blood stream when a person is anxious. Cortisol turns to glucose in the blood, elevating one’s blood sugar the more that is released. The tappers have made a huge difference in curbing my anxiety. I was taking anxiety medications and have now been able to discontinue taking those. My blood sugars came down to a normal range. I found that the tappers also helped me immensely when trying to diet. They help me to not be focused on eating (or on foods that I’m not supposed to eat) between meals. I’ve replaced the snacking and comfort of that with the tapping of the bi-tappers and it has made a big difference in my success with my dieting. I have now been able to lose a substantial amount of weight and actually ditch my diabetes medicines! I am now within normal blood sugar ranges without medications! Thank you Bi-Tapp!! – Linda

Going to the dentist ★★★★★

I am a 13 year old and I had a bad infection in my mouth. I had a dentist appointment to kill the infection and fix my tooth. I have had a root canal before but it was nothing like this. I was so stressed about the appointment. I tend to worry about things that could happen. I took the tappers with me and put them in my pockets. The tappers really helped me stay calm during the appointment. – Abigail

Reduction of chronic pain ★★★★★

My husband was burned over 60% of his body in May, 2017. These tappers have helped him with his pain and to sleep. I started using them too, to help me concentrate at work and with my anxiety. It’s amazing how well they work. – Heidi

Massage ★★★★★

I love my Tappers! I was going to get a massage one day and had them in my socks on the inside of my ankles as I usually do. Once there, I decided to leave my socks and tappers on while I got my massage. It was pure heaven! I relaxed into the mindset of “getting a massage” sooner than I usually do. Also, the woman giving me the massage was fascinated with my tappers because she had never heard of them before. She’s going to check into them now! – Becky


The tappers are helping my son at home and at school ★★★★★

My 9 year old son struggles with anxiety and sensitivity to the environment (weather changes, darkness, etc.) I use the tappers to help him sleep every night. We have also noticed a big improvement in his ability to focus and finish his work at school since putting the tappers on his ankles. If he gets distracted, his teacher just quietly says “activate” and he turns the tappers on. He can then stay focused. I’m really grateful for them. – Cadie

A calming resource for my granddaughter ★★★★★

My 8 year old granddaughter has relational trauma from neglect and failure to protect with one of her parents. She is easily upset with situations where there are a lot of people or when she doesn’t get enough sleep. I put these on her and let her go about our activity or day. She is able to regulate and handle the harder things and she is less aggressive with her siblings after wearing them. – Nana

Calming effect on my toddler ★★★★★

I suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD. I purchased the tappers and found immediate results. My two year old grandson came to my house and was having a meltdown. I decided to try the tappers on him to see if they would calm him down. I told him to get his pillow and blanket and lay down on my couch and had him hold the tappers. Within ten minutes he was asleep! Now when he comes to my house and feels like he needs them, he asks me for the tappers, gets his blanket , lays on my couch and holds the tappers until he feels calm. I highly recommend the tappers because of the results I have seen with myself and my grandson. – Renee

Helped my child calm down and go to sleep ★★★★★

My 11 year old daughter was doing back handsprings on the trampoline. She landed wrong and hurt her back and neck. That night while trying to go to sleep,she started to cry and was worried she would never be able to do gymnastics again because she was in a lot of pain. I got the tappers and let her decide what speed and intensity felt comfortable to her. I then talked with her, she had been through something scary and she had hurt herself. With the help of the tappers, she was able to calm down and go to sleep. She hasn’t expressed a fear of not being able to do gymnastics since. – Amy

Simple resource for children ★★★★★

My 3 almost 4 year old woke up sick in the middle of the night and had a difficult time falling back to sleep. She asked me if she could use my tappers. I gave them to her and she was asleep within 5 minutes of holding them! I love that my family, especially my children, have a simple and successful tool they can use anytime and anywhere to help them with sleep, tantrums, times of stress and anxiety, etc. And I love that my daughter knows what they are and wants to use them! We love Bi-Tapp!!! – Megan

Anxiety / Stress

The tappers are helping me and my family★★★★★

I have nine children and my goal is to give a set of tappers to each of my children to use for themselves, their children and in their work. I use the tappers regularly to help with anxiety. I tend to numb out and distract myself when something worries me. The tappers help me stay focused and effective. My one daughter uses them with her speech therapy patients to help them stay engaged in their therapy. One daughter uses them with a son who struggles with anxiety and another with attention deficits at school. Another daughter uses them with her children because they are a blended family and sometimes the anxiety of living in two families in two places gets to them. The tappers help them calm down and identify their feelings. I think the tappers are one of the best grandma gifts I can give with so many applications in our very busy and at times, overwhelming world. -MiMi


Bi-Tapp is very easy to use ★★★★★

Bi-Tapp is very easy to use. You can choose the exact speed or how the tap will feel. I find it very relaxing and stress relieving. I bought some Apple straps at Wal-Mart and wear them much of the day or when driving. My therapist recommended it and uses it herself. An excellent product with great support. I recommend it highly. -Stephanie

I struggle with anxiety every day ★★★★★

I have loved the results from using Bi-tapp. As someone who can experience anxiety in even the most everyday, mundane activities, Bi-tapp has helped to keep my fight or flight response in check–instead of a plunge into sweaty hands, upset stomach, and the inability to calm my body sufficiently for the task at hand, I find that those responses are much more mild if not hardly noticeable. Although I may still be nervous, my body has not been hijacked completely. As a violinist, I have used them pre-performance due to the fact that I get a shaky bow arm which completely changes tone quality and inhibits a skilled player, with the tappers, again, the nervousness is still there, but my bow arm is not shaking! I have many violin students and have found Bi-Tapp very helpful to calm their nerves as well, or simply to help them play more fluidly during lessons when they are easily distracted by mistakes or by other things going on in the room. I highly recommend these to anyone who has a tendency to lose themselves to that fight/flight response–whether sitting in a class, performing for an audience, or flying on an airplane. They work. – Amanda

Changed my life ★★★★★

Bi Tapp has changed my life. I wear them everyday and sometimes at night. They have helped me concentrate and remember things better at work. They have helped reduce my anxiety and they help me sleep better at night. I was able to stop an anxiety attack when it started, I have not been able to do that without medication in the past. I cannot say enough about BiTappers. I am finding more benefits every day and am so thankful this treatment and technology is finally in a take home device so I can enjoy the benefits every day. – Wendy

They really work ★★★★★

These tappers really work! I’ve had trouble with anxiety all my life. Now when I recognize my anxiety, I use my tappers and feel better right away. I especially love knowing I have something to do when I feel super stressed out. I am proactive with my own life and get my tappers on! I put them in my socks on the inside of my ankles when I am at work or out in the community. When home, I put them in my bra and they feel like a heartbeat giving me a much needed hug. Relief without drugs! These tappers are so amazing! – Becky

The tappers quiet my busy mind ★★★★★

When I have “a lot on my plate”, I tend to perseverate on a thought or a task and I have difficulty quieting my mind. Tucking the Bi-Tapps into my clothing right beneath my collar bone brings an almost immediate calming to my mind and body. Even my husband has commented on the difference. I love that I can turn the Bi-Tapps on, tuck them in, and go about doing whatever I need to do, and within a few minutes I am noticeably more relaxed and focused. The results for me have been truly remarkable! – Cindy

Tappers help manage OCD, anxiety and depression ★★★★★

I have severe OCD, anxiety and depression. I wear the tappers in my socks on the inside of my ankles. The constant tapping helps take the sting out of my constant torment and allows me to be more functional throughout my day. I wear them all day and after several weeks, I can’t imagine not having them. – Mike

My anxiety has been reduced ★★★★★

I have had anxiety practically my entire life. Managing that anxiety and not letting it keep me stuck in old patterns is always something I am working on. I have been amazed at how Bi-Tapp has calmed my anxiety, ‘busy brain’ and fears. It’s been incredibly helpful in situations such as traveling in vehicles or airplanes where getting up and walking around isn’t always an option! It has been such a relief to know that anxiety relief is so attainable. – Missy

Reduction of Irritability and Stress ★★★★★

I deal with daily anxiety, frustrations being around large groups of people, OCD, and frustrations with foreign noise, such as wrappers, chewing, eating ice, etc… To have to sit and listen to these type of things create major anxiety to the point I am unable to be around people at times. I have found that by using this product, I am able to focus on specific projects that I am expected to complete, manage my anxiety as it progresses, and avoid expressing my frustrations to the point that may create more issues than are needed or warranted. I have found that by placing the tappers in my socks allows me to manage these frustrations without anybody knowing or asking questions, which would only add to my frustrations. I simply adjust the speed and pulse to facilitate my needs at the time and outwardly appears to be nothing more than checking an email or sending a text. Bi-Tapp is very easy to use and I have found that the use of this device, coupled with music, provides me the greatest benefit. I feel more focused, calm, and within my “zone” than without them. I would recommend Bi-Tapp to anybody that may deal with anxiety, stress, or common and regular frustrations that may be present on a daily basis.
– Ralph

Reduced Stress ★★★★★

Since using my Bi-Tapps I don’t stress as much over things I have no direct control . I am happier and concentrate on my blessings instead. It helped to minimize depression. – Noeli

Improved Productivity ★★★★★

I am 76 years old, I prefer wearing the wristbands when I use Bi-Tapp because I don’t want to misplace them. I find that I am accomplishing much more during the day because I am feeling so much better. I use them throughout the day. I find that I am sleeping better at night, even though I am not using the tappers at night. I think this is because of the overall effect of feeling better. – Sue


Life Changing ★★★★★

Our family was in a terrible car accident resulting in PTSD for myself as well as some of my children. After struggling for 2 1/2 years we found the Bi-Tapps and they made an immediate difference. Now when I wake during the night, I turn the tappers on and fall asleep again quickly. I put them in my pockets for social situations to help me stay calmer. I use them while driving or riding in a vehicle to keep the panic under control. My kids know how to use them as well. My daughter uses them at school for testing and other situations that trigger her PTSD, and they make a world of a difference. The Bi-Tapps have truly changed our lives for the better. – Ann

Improved sleep after a traumatic event ★★★★★

I started using the the taps a month ago due to a traumatic event. I used them often during the day and night to help slow my anxiety down. I mainly use them now at night now to help me fall asleep. I have been on some heavy sleep meds for quite some time now and their effectiveness is starting to wear off. The bi-tappers are a super natural way to help slow the brain down at night and fall asleep quicker. – Marc

Route 91 Survivor ★★★★★

After Route 91, myself and others found relief from anxiety and trauma responses using the tappers – I cannot express enough how effective they are. – Stephanie

Helps me manage anxiety, depression and PTSD ★★★★★

I have a long history of anxiety, depression and seasonal PTSD with triggers. While I have had therapy and medication there has always been issues. Mainly, I am unable to sleep throughout the night peacefully. I use the tappers throughout the day, placing mine in my bra strap during the day, they make a huge difference in my day. I am calmer, nicer and able to focus throughout my day. At night, I put the wristbands on before I go to bed. They help me unwind from the day and I am sleeping through the night. I am so grateful for these tappers. – Paula

Reduces anxiety and panic ★★★★★

I am naturally an anxious, high energy person. I have also experienced a very traumatic event recently. These tappers in combination with EMDR therapy, I am healing and retraining my nervous system much quicker than 10 years ago when I had PTSD and only medicated, which didn’t work. These tappers help me focus, reduce my nail picking, keep me calm, and can snap me out of a panic within seconds. I highly recommend! – Jen


Improved ability to manage anxiety ★★★★★

Because of traumatic life events I found myself consumed by anxiety. My mind was in constant chaos. No matter what I tried, I could not take back control of my mind from intrusive and anxiety provoking thoughts. My life was unmanageable, I was getting little to no sleep and no relief during the day from my anxiety. I began to use the tappers over a year ago, when I started I used them everyday all day long and even wore them through the night to help me fall asleep, as well as help me get back to sleep if I woke up in the middle of the night. With the tappers I have been able to better regulate my emotions and anxiety. When I am triggered with anxious thoughts I am able to lessen their intensity by using the tappers. Because of the tappers I am able to work through situations that provoke anxiety instead of being avoidant and fearful. My sleep and overall mental and emotional health has significantly improved since I started using the tappers. – Lara

Mental Health Therapists

I highly recommend these tappers ★★★★★

I have been using the Bi-Tapps since January 2018. I have found them to be very efficient and helpful! When I do charge them, they charge very quickly. It is nice to allow the client to choose the speed and the intensity that feels comfortable to them. My practice involves a lot of children. I like the fact that they are cordless. The past tappers that I have used specific to therapists had cords, which would often short out. I would have to replace them often. The Bi-Tapp has already saved me money because of how long it has lasted. Many of my clients prefer these tappers to the old ones I used. Some of my clients have chosen to purchase their own to use when their anxiety gets high. They have found them helpful in reducing their anxiety at home or in stressful situations in their daily life. This has helped them work through their trauma in therapy. I would highly recommend the Bi-Tapps to any EMDR practitioner. – Carolyn

I am an EMDR therapist and so far I really enjoy these tappers★★★★

I am an EMDR therapist and so far I really enjoy these tappers. There are two major improvements that I can see being beneficial for this application. The first, add an adjustment for how long the buzz will last. For resourcing, a longer slower set is preferred and that is not possible currently. Second, adding a piece to the app so that you can see which tappers is active and when they are active. Again, with EMDR, it is important to have a specific number of sets between processing. – Victoria

I use the tappers regularly in my practice★★★★★

I cannot say enough about how helpful these tappers have been in my practice. As an EMDR therapist, sometimes the transition to BLS during a session can interupt the flow of the work, but with these small, wireless tappers, it provides a seamless, unfussy way to reinforce client’s insights and new learning on the fly. I also find them helpful in ego state work, the Flash Technique, IFS, mindfulness practices, and to help clients reduce distress. Although they are not my main modality of providing bilateral stimulation, having them as an option has been invaluable and well worth the investment. I have had my set for a year and they still work like new. They are so portable, the app is very simple and user friendly and the connectivity has been extremely reliable. The quality is excellent and the battery life is impressive. I’m purchasing a second set so I have one at each office. This is a tool that integrates so seamlessly into a therapy session that I don’t want to be without them. – Aimee

Bi-Tapp is so versatile as a clinical tool★★★★★

Bi-Tapp is so versatile as a clinical tool. I use it for the bilateral stimulation to help calm clients who are agitated or anxious. I use it with children when I do EMDR therapy or sand tray work. When parents are stressed about their child’s behavior, I have them wear the Bi-Tapp units while they talk about their parenting stress and it helps to calm them so they can stay regulated enough to process the stress that is putting them into their limbic system of fight-flight-freeze. – Kayelyn

Perfect Clinical Tool ★★★★★

As a mental health clinician, I use Bi-Tapp on a daily basis with every client I have, ages 3 and up! Whether it’s for calm and regulation or EMDR processing, Bi-Tapp provides the perfect amount of bilateral stimulation. I have clients who take the device to school and use it to help keep them regulated; clients who use it for homework and testing; clients who use it for regulation at work; and clients who use it to help them get a better night’s sleep. I use it for my own self-care for calming and relaxation. And my children use it for calming and remaining regulated. I’ve found I can be more present and mindful during the day and relaxed when I come home from work. I highly recommend this valuable tool for fellow clinicians and their clients of any age. And to anyone who needs a way to find more calm and regulation in their daily routine, Bi-Tapp is for you! – Tina

Helping clients and students ★★★★★

I have been fortunate to have been using Bi-Tapp tappers since they were first made available to the public. I use them in many capacities and they have become a staple in my daily life. In my mental health private practice, I use the tappers to help facilitate the processing of traumatic events and to assist with the generalized calming and emotional centering of clients. I also provide in-school therapeutic services for students in a high school and an elementary school. The tappers are being used as a first-stage intervention for students who are having difficulty regulating their own emotions. I am seeing an elementary-aged, child who has not been able to stay in the classroom for longer than an hour at a time, make it through entire days without needing further intervention. The high school students are able to request the use of the tappers when they feel their anxiety rising, or when they are experiencing a trauma trigger. I also allow students to borrow the tappers for class periods or tests they are feeling uneasy about. The feedback from students, teachers, and administrators has been positive and exciting. Bi-Tapp tappers are an invaluable resource in all areas of my practice. I also keep a set of tappers in my home and my family uses them when we are feeling stress and anxiety related to daily living. My daughters have benefited from using the tappers when they have distress about academics, social situations, and athletic performances. I personally benefit from using the tappers to manage daily issues with irritability and potential frustrations. I own several sets of Bi-Tapp and won’t go to, or leave, work or home without them. – Natalie

As a therapist ★★★★★

As a therapist, I have seen Bi-Tapp ease the anxiety of clients so they can tolerate strong emotions, new emotions and not feel stuck in fear. This product has been a staple in my practice and will always be. It has been amazing to see the progress of clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression and/or stress patterns. – Melissa

Reduction of anxiety ★★★★★

I have used the tappers with adults and teens and have seen anxiety reduce before my eyes. Reducing the anxiety has allowed people to stay in the window of tolerance and continue to do therapeutic work . Super impressed with these and am excited to see the relief they can bring. – Jennifer


Autism and OCD ★★★★★

My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder, he struggles with OCD and anxiety. He gets so easily overwhelmed and shuts down becoming depressed. Bi-Tapp was suggested to help him regulate his emotions we were excited to try it because we had nothing to lose and we’re so happy with the results. He sleeps better because it helps his mind shut off all inner noise and commotion. He has much better days at school because he says he feels calmer and more in control. We wondered if it was a placebo effect so he didn’t use them for a few days and he noticed immediately the difference. His moods were more up and down and he felt out of control. He started using them again regularly and hasn’t stopped now. He loves them and doesn’t go anywhere without them. He puts them in his pockets and is able to function successfully through his day. – Ginger