Regulate your nervous system and feel calm again.

A patented wearable device that taps for you, regulating your nervous system in real-time, creating a steady state of calm and focus.

Dysregulation triggers fight, flight, or freeze mode

When the nervous system is regulated, we feel safe, calm, and focused. But when it gets triggered, we enter survival mode and experience fight, flight, or freeze responses. Anxiety and panic mount. Everything feels overwhelming. We can’t think straight, can’t cope, and can’t sleep. Life feels impossible.

The worst part? In survival mode, it can be hard (sometimes impossible) to self-regulate.

Bi-Tapp can help. It does the tapping and regulates your nervous system for you.
The tapping tool that regulates your nervous system for you
Slip the tappers into your socks or pockets, so they’re not noticeable and you can use your hands to do other things.
Quiet Calm

Bi-Tapp is quiet and unobtrusive so it works in a boardroom, a classroom, or anywhere in-between.

Bi-Tapp comes with a Bluetooth app that lets you control the tappers from your phone. Its patented design holds a 60-hour charge.

When your nervous system gets hijacked…

  • Calm evaporates
  • Anxiety and stress mount
  • Focus scatters
  • Performance suffers
  • Sleep disappears

Dysregulation disrupts your life and shatters your calm. Bi-Tapp can help.

Amanda overcame crippling performance anxiety.
“As a violinist, I was so frustrated that my hundreds of hours of practice were wiped out by my anxiety during performances. Now I use Bi-Tapp.”
Thom dialed down his first-responder stress.
“The stress of the job was following me home and my family life was suffering. The tappers help me release my work stress so I don’t take it home with me.”
Maryann dealt with a debilitating trauma.
“After my best friend died in front of me from a domestic violence encounter, normal functioning vanished. My trauma therapist recommended Bi-Tapp.”

Bi-Tapp puts self-regulation within reach… anytime, anywhere.

Bi-Tapp’s patent-awarded design allows for quiet, private self-regulation you can use anytime, anywhere.

How bi-lateral activation works

1. It activates both sides of the brain.
By applying gentle, rhythmic pulses to different sides of the body, Bi-Tapp pulses stimulate the brain in a back-and-forth, or bi-lateral, pattern.
2. It crosses the midline.
This alternating rhythmic pattern engages both hemispheres of the brain, promoting communication between the left and right sides. This process is essential for us to function at our best.
3. It restores regulation and calm.
This synchronized back-and-forth regulates the nervous system, shifting it away from stress responses and towards a state of centered, focused calm. This helps to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and foster a steady, relaxed state.

We can’t control when we get triggered, but we can control how long we stay triggered.

We all get triggered. Triggers signal our nervous system to enter fight, flight or freeze mode. Triggers can happen anytime…when you’re taking a test you are nervous about, giving a presentation, or meeting someone new. Sometimes, they happen when we’re hungry or tired. Even a look on someone’s face or the tone of their voice can trigger us. Whatever the cause, a few minutes with your tappers can help restore regulation and calm.
Cindy and Hayley, Bi-Tapp founders sitting side by side in a beautiful room

Created by a mom and a therapist

I’m Hayley. As a mom, I know the importance of having my children and myself be able to regulate quickly. And I’m Cindy. As a mental health therapist for 27 years, I know regulation is critically important to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Together, we created a resource that provides in-the-moment regulation support. We made a tool that does the tapping for you, so you can use it no matter how intense a trigger is. We also made it quiet and unobtrusive so you could use it whenever you needed to without drawing attention to yourself. Bi-Tapp is a practical solution that helps you self-regulate and regain composure and calm anytime, anywhere.

With Bi-Tapp, we’re right here with you, one tap at a time.

From Chaos to Calm

1. Activate Your Calm.
Feel your focus wavering? Anxiety creeping in? It’s time to tap. Wherever you are, whenever you need it, simply turn on your Bi-Tapp device. It’s your portable peace-of-mind, ready to help you regain control.
2. Get Rapid Relief.
The tappers bring your emotional brain and your reasoning brain back into contact with each other. so your pre-frontal cortex can calm your amygdala. A few minutes is typically all it takes to self-regulate.
3. Conquer your world.
Perform at your best because you’re regulated.

Bluetooth-enabled app puts you in control

Why people use Bi-Tapp

Trauma Recovery
ADHD Adults/Kids
Panic Attacks
Test & Performance Anxiety
First Responders
Pain Management

Abigail J.

I use the tappers when I go to the dentist. I’m 13 years old and I had a bad infection in my mouth and I was so stressed about my dentist appointment. I tend to worry about things that could happen. I took the tappers with me and put them in my pockets. They helped me stay calm.

Lynsey B., School Social Worker

Bi-Tapp has been an amazing resource for our students and staff alike. I can’t be at every school every day. Because of Bi-Tapp’s accessibility, students are able to experience the benefits of increased emotion regulation without missing out on class time.

Amanda C.

I’m a violinist who suffers from performance anxiety. With the tappers, I have more confidence because I know that I’ll be able to manage my performance anxiety.


While suffering through months of difficult trauma, falling asleep was impossible many nights. Sometimes holding the tappers on their own was enough. But many nights, I have held them and listened to soft meditation music or a breathing app. These combinations have really helped me to calm down and relax.


I’ve been diagnosed with dementia and I use my tappers every day. They calm me down and help me with my anxiety and my stress. They also help with my OCD.