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RemotEMDR / Bi-Tapp Integration

June, 2021

Tactile BLS for Teletherapy sessions is now available: A remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp Integration

We have an exciting announcement! remotEMDR is the only online platform to offer therapist controlled tactile BLS using Bi-Tapp tappers.

To use remotEMDR with Bi-Tapp, you or your client will need to buy Bi-Tapp’s kit. Please note: the Bi-Tapp/remotEMDR integration currently works with iOS devices only. (the Android App will be released soon) Please make sure your client has access to an iOS device before purchasing tappers.

Once you have the tappers, click on this link for full instructions on setting up the remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp integration on your device.

Have any questions? Contact us!
For more details on Bi-Tapp and its integration with remotEMDR, contact us at customerservice@bi-tapp.com contact remotEMDR at info@remotEMDR.com

Who’s Using Bi-Tapp?

In honor of

July 3, 2020

We want to express our grief at the passing of our dear friend, Jolie. She was creative, intelligent, genuine and kind. She loved to uplift and support others. She had a wonderful laugh and a beautiful smile. Jolie wanted to share how the tappers were helping her regulate her emotions after she was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). She managed this diagnosis with with grace. We love you and will miss you so very much.
Bitapp podcast

Bi-Tapp on the Helping Fortify Business Podcast

Spencer Halford & Nick Lewis Helping Fortify Business Podcast

We sat down with Spencer and Nick from the Helping Fortify Business Podcast to discuss the benefits of Bi-Tapp and how Bilateral Tapping works to relieve anxiety and stress.
Listen to the Podcast Here

Bitapp podcast

Canyon View
High School

KarriAnn Raddon, School Counselor

KarriAnn Raddon, School Counselor at Canyon View High School was awarded Educator of the Year by the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce in January 2020. She was honored for many things, including developing the Tapping to Wellness Program in her school. This program utilizes the tappers as a calming resource for the students. They have seen a significant decrease in anxiety and an improvement in test scores. The Canyon View High School Counseling Department was also awarded the Outstanding Secondary Team of the Year in the Iron County School District.

Thank you KarriAnn for your vision of how the tappers can benefit an entire school; students, teachers and faculty.

Safari Hospitality

Eric Bonnett, LCSW, School Social Worker
Katherine Bleak, Wellness Room Coordinator

Safari Hospitality donated 27 Bi-Tapp kits to be used by students at North and East Elementary Schools in Cedar City, Utah. Thank you Eric Bonnett, LCSW, School Social Worker and Katherine Bleak, Wellness Room Coordinator at North Elementary for your outstanding work with students.

Washington County
School District

Tami Curtis, LCSW, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

Washington County School District put tappers in all their Wellness Rooms throughout the District for the 2019/2020 school year. Thank you Tami Curtis, LCSW, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator for WCSD for all your hard work on behalf of the students in your School District.

KSL Learns About Bi-Tapp!

Canyon View High School

On August 13, 2019, Felicia Martinez with the KSL TV Morning Team was at Canyon View High School for the first day of school to learn about their Tapping to Wellness Program.

Sunset Elementary

Sunset Elementary became one of the first schools to add a Wellness Center last year. Since then, behavior problems that landed kids in the principal’s office declined 85%.

Route 91 Harvest
Music Festival Tragedy

Bi-Tapp is an approved discretionary item for anyone with a claim number from the October 1, 2017 tragedy. There is no timeline for requesting tappers. Please email us at: customerservice@bi-tapp.com to receive information on how to request and receive a Bi-Tapp kit..


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