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May is Mental Health
Awareness Month

May, 2024

Bi-Tapp has donated Bi-Tapp kits to Reach4Hope, a nonprofit organization that focuses on suicide prevention. Bi-Tapp is a real time nervous system regulation resource that is being used as part of prevention, in a crisis and as part of postvention.

When people are anxious or distressed at low levels (1-3) on a scale of 0-10, it is easy to remember coping skills you have been taught. When your anxiety/stress level is a 4-5, it becomes harder to remember the things you have been taught to do to calm down. When you are at a 6 or higher, most interventions you have been taught don’t work fast enough or at all. This is because your limbic system is starting to take over (fight/flight response activated at a higher level), cutting off access to your thinking center, which is where learned information is stored. With Bi-Tapp, all you have to do is hand someone the tappers and let the bilateral tapping “automatically” begin to calm them down. You don’t have to do anything to get the benefit of the bilateral tapping, just hold or wear the tappers. As you calm down, and your stress level returns to a workable range (1-3), you will feel calmer and more capable again.

Bi-Tapp is being used at low, moderate and high levels of distress. Bi-Tapp is being used by all ages as a real time regulation resource.


What Really Makes a Difference?
Empowering Health and Vitality

April, 2024

Dr. Becca Whittaker, DC, a chiropractor specializes in pediatric and pregnancy care as well as Chiropractic Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology, has a podcast which focuses on empowering our health and vitality. In this podcast, we talk about how to foster resiliency through regulation of the nervous system. We talk about the importance of helping your nervous system return to its window of tolerance as often as needed versus staying in sympathetic activation. Bi-Tapp is an essential piece of this conversation as it is one of the easiest ways to help calm the fight/flight response automatically. With the bilateral tapping working in the background, the tappers are being used in real time, at the very moment you need help with regulation.

Listen to the Full Episode on Apple Podcasts HERE!

What Really Makes a Difference Podcast

Mind the Frontline

March, 2024

Mind the Frontline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to those who selflessly safeguard our communities. The chronic exposure to high stress events as well as traumatic events leads to heightened levels of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, addiction and posttraumatic stress symptoms and even PTSD. Cindy Jones, LCSW had the opportunity to visit with Chris Smetana, Founder/President of Mind the Frontline. In this interview, we discuss how reducing stress levels at the very moment you are experiencing heightened stress is a key factor in achieving optimal performance both on-and off-duty.

YouTube and Podcast

Canyon Creek Services
Canyon Creek Services
Canyon Creek Services
Canyon Creek Services

Memorial Event

Enoch, Utah

January 4, 2024

Memorial Event was held to remember Tausha, her children and her mother. This past year, Bi-Tapp worked with local non-profit organizations, businesses and families to be able to handout Bi-Tapp kits to:

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Classrooms
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Neighbors and Friends

Bi-Tapp was part of the early intervention focus to help reduce the acute stress that so many were experiencing. Symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating at work or school, experiencing feeling overwhelmed and being easily triggered were being reported by community members of all ages. Here is an excerpt from a letter written by a teacher at Enoch Elementary to show how a student in her classroom was directly impacted by this tragedy and how the tappers helped her return to the classroom and resume her normal activity level:

“Through generation donations, my classroom received a set of Bi-Tapp tappers. I have a little girl in my class who was a close friend and neighbor of the Haight family. She has missed numerous days of school since the tragedy, due to extreme anxiety. When we received the tappers, she asked to wear them the first day and has worn them nearly every school day, since. She is now able to calmly come to class, learn, and participate without the overwhelming anxiety that she previously endured. She makes less trips to the ‘Paws Room’ and is able to focus in class. The tappers have made a huge impact on her ability to calmly attend and learn at school this year. It is wonderful for me as her teacher to see her smile, feel at peace within herself, and thrive in our classroom.”

Bi-Tapp is now a part of the ongoing effort to help community members have access to a calming resource they can use anytime they need to.

Project SCOPE

December, 2023

The ECHO (Extension for Community Care Outcomes) network provides a platform for professional development and networking on a variety of topics. Project SCOPE is part of this network and is helping professionals who work with families impacted by the opioid epidemic, including the children exposed to opioids in utero.

We had the opportunity to share how the calming resource, Bi-Tapp is being used by early childhood professionals, medical professionals and behavioral health professionals with the individuals, families and communities they work with. The research is very clear that the higher the activation of the amygdala (fight/flight response), the more the thinking brain is shut down. Therefore, having immediate access to a resource that requires little effort to use is critical. Bi-Tapp is changing the way we approach acute stress, anxiety and addiction recovery.

Project Echo logo
Project SCOPE
Canyon Creek Services

Rural Health Association of Utah (RHAU)
2023 Annual Conference

November, 2023

The theme of this year’s conference was, Innovations in Rural Healthcare: Navigating the Future. We had the opportunity to introduce Bi-Tapp to professionals and healthcare students dedicated to bringing much needed resources to rural communities.

Students learned how the tappers can help them improve focus and reduce test anxiety. Professionals learned how the tappers can help themselves reduce burnout and improve sleep. They also learned the many different ways the tappers are already being used in the medical community, including:

  • People wearing tappers during medical procedures to reduce the anxiety they are experiencing
  • Using tappers to recover from triggers which helps in addiction recovery
  • Help managing chronic pain in a non-pharmaceutical way
  • Reducing acute stress symptoms after a traumatic event
  • Mental health therapists are using the tappers as part of teletherapy appointments

Click here to learn more about RHAU

Dove Center

October, 2023

The Dove Center is dedicated to providing shelter, advocacy and counseling for survivors of domestic abuse, dating violence, sexual assault, rape, sex trafficking, and stalking in Southern Utah. The Dove Center provides comprehensive services to individuals and families in crisis as well as engages in outreach services and community training and education.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with this agency. Bi-Tapp is being used by clients of all ages as a regulation resource, including immediately after a trauma to help with immediate stabilization. The tappers are also used by the staff members to help them have a self care resource that is easy to use, both in the moment of heightened stress and to help them recover from a stressful event. The chronic exposure to traumatic stress can negatively impact those who are in the helping field. Having an easy to use resource that can be used anytime, anywhere helps build resiliency.

Jubilee of Trees
Canyon Creek Services
Canyon Creek Services

The Sammy Center
Unique preschool focusing on mental health

October, 2023

The Sammy Center is founded on the belief that every single child is amazing and should be given the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Maria Soter has immersed herself in the world of Early Childhood for over 25 years. At the inception of Salt Lake City’s first Preschool for Homeless children in 1998 to more recently, creating the Coaching Model and program for Head Start. Maria has always had a passion to service children and their families especially where a need is unmet. Her vision for The Sammy Center became a reality in 2018 when she heard the CEO of a local program speak on behalf of the Early Childhood mental health crisis that was on an uprising. She has made a commitment to herself, the community and the children of Salt Lake City to give them an added level of support through The Sammy Center.

We are grateful for the opportunity to meet Maria and her team to teach about Bi-Tapp, a simple to use resource that helps regulate the nervous system through bilateral tapping. The tappers can be used by all ages: the preschool students, their parents and the teachers. We all can function at our best when our nervous system is regulated.

Officer Critical Care Conference

September, 2023

Bi-Tapp is an innovative solution to help First Responders have a resource they can use as part of self care and wellness to proactively manage the traumatic stress they are exposed to on a daily basis.

When you are exposed to high levels of stress, it is important that the resource is simple to use and very effective. With Bi-Tapp, all you have to do is push a button and the bilateral tapping automatically begins. Non-invasive, simple to use. You do not need to stop what you are doing to use this resource, the tappers are with you wherever you go, working in the background.

First Responders are using the tappers both on and off duty.

Jubilee of Trees
Jubilee of Trees
Jubilee of Trees
Canyon Creek Services
Canyon Creek Services

Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services
Clinical team training

September 2023

This agency is proactively looking for ways to better support their clinical team and all that is required of them every day. Bi-Tapp was invited to present to the clinical team of the Juvenile Justice and Youth Services of Utah on how to use the tappers for themselves as a self regulation resource and how to use the tappers with their clients.

Bi-Tapp is the resource of choice to help downregulate the fight/flight response quickly in a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical way. This resource is simple to use.

Professionals are using Bi-Tapp to:
1. Recover from stressful events
2. Proactively manage stress and anxiety “in the moment”
3. Improve focus
4. Reduce burnout

Clients can benefit from this easy to use resource:
1. Help de-escalate crisis situations
2. Reduce anxiety
3. Improve emotional resiliency
4. Recover from unexpected triggers.

Bi-Tapp is a Self Regulation Resource
that anyone can use, anywhere, anytime

September, 2023

Thank you Stacy Heaps for the invitation to share how Bi-Tapp is a simple and effective resource to regulate your nervous system back to calm, confident and in control.

Listen Now

Jubilee of Trees
Canyon Creek Services

Innovative Solutions to Solving Homelessness

August 2023

“Why Homelessness Matters: Homelessness exposes individuals and families to traumatic events which often aggravates their current circumstances. Homelessness challenges the ability to access needed resources and regain self-sufficiency. Children are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of homelessness. Homelessness often interrupts schooling and the development of positive peer and mentoring relationships. Children experiencing homelessness frequently experience dangerous or unhealthy environments and may be more likely to experience homelessness as an adult. Communities also feel the impact of homelessness.”
We are grateful for the opportunity we had to work with the team members at Switchpoint. Accessing simple to use resources for moderate to high levels of stress and dysregulation is critically important. Bi-Tapp is the resource that is most helpful in these situations because you don’t have to remember to do anything other than press “start” and the bilateral tapping automatically begins to calm down the fight/flight response. 
Jubilee of Trees

Understanding the Mechanisms
of Bilateral Stimulation

September, 2023

Thank you Rotem Brayer for hosting this event through The EMDR Learning Community
Jubilee of Trees

Watch "Bi-Tapp - Remote Tappers for EMDR Therapists"

From: The Art and Science of EMDR

Richfield Residential Hall
College and Career Preparatory Program

August 2023

Richfield Residential Hall has been educating Navajo youth for over fifty years. Students of Richfield Residential Hall are able to enjoy concurrent enrollment in high school (Richfield or South Sevier High), Sevier Career and Technical Education Center and Snow College Richfield, which is adjacent to the campus. 
Richfield Residential Hall now has several Bi-Tapp kits available for students to check out and use whenever needed to:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, including test anxiety
  • Improve Focus
  • Improve overall well being
Canyon Creek Services
Jubilee of Trees

Southwest Behavioral
Health Center

July-August, 2023

Southwest Behavioral Health Center provides comprehensive behavioral health services to Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington Counties in Utah. 
We presented to every department in the agency on how to use the tappers and in what situations to use the tappers:
  • Teletherapy
  • In person sessions (individual, family, group therapy)
  • Prevention
  • Addiction Recovery (detox, residential, intensive out-patient treatment, aftercare)
  • Crisis Intervention (Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, Crisis Stabilization Center)
  • Parent Education
  • Skills Development
  • On-site schooling

Canyon Creek Services

June 2023

The mission of Canyon Creek Services is communities free of domestic violence and sexual assault. This agency serves all of Beaver, Iron and Garfield Counties in Utah.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with this agency. The tappers are used by both staff and clients. Bilateral tapping helps calm an anxious, dysregulated nervous system, no matter your age. The tappers do the tapping for you. They are simple to use and very effective.

“A client came in to meet with me and had a fixed stare ahead and was either not responding to me when I spoke to her or speaking so quietly, I couldn’t understand her. I went and got my Bi-Tapps and asked her to hold on to them. In less than a minute of holding them, she was talking to me audibly and talking to me about her stressors. We were able to fill out a public assistance application during that appointment, something I know we wouldn’t have been able to do without the Bi-Tapps.”
– KayDee, Domestic Violence Advocate

Canyon Creek Services
Jubilee of Trees
Jubilee of Trees
Jubilee of Trees

Bi-Tapp hosted the Southern Utah
EMDR Institute Regional Training

May, 2023 Part 1
August, 2023 Part 2

We want to thank Leslie Brown (Regional trainer), Kathleen Scott, Cindy White and Andra Bruce (facilitators) for their dedication, their expertise and their willingness to come to southern Utah to train local therapists in EMDR therapy.

The training opened with Rob Dotson, Enoch City Manager thanking the therapists for their willingness to be trained in this trauma therapy. This training was organized to increase the number of therapists who can help with the impact of the tragedy that took place in January, 2023 in Enoch.

“We still do not have a grasp on the long-term impact on individuals and families,” stated Rob. It is the goal of the Enoch Community Trauma Recovery Committee to help provide the mental health resources and treatment needed to the members of this community, today and in the years to come.

We believe in the healing power of community and are grateful to be able to organize this training and support the therapists in southern Utah.

We also want to thank SUU for their generosity in letting us have this training on campus.

EMDR Canada
Annual Conference

April, 2023

We were grateful for the invitation to share Bi-Tapp with the mental health therapists in Canada.

Bi-Tapp is regularly used by EMDR therapists around the world to help with reprocessing trauma, for both in-person and Teletherapy sessions. The tappers are also used by therapists trained in a variety of treatment modalities to have their clients hold or wear when they are sharing their trauma narratives or are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. The alternating rhythm of the tapping (left/right tapping) helps calm the fight/flight response.

Jubilee of Trees

Trauma Recovery Network Conference
Building Community Response & Recovery

April, 2023

We were grateful to be one of the sponsors of this conference. “As people around the world face numerous traumatic events, Trauma Recovery/HAP and their network of volunteers are committed to bringing hope and healing to those suffering the effects of trauma.”

Bi-Tapp is a mental health resource being used immediately after a traumatic event to help someone feel safer and calmer. Bilateral tapping helps the fight/flight response begin to calm down.

After a traumatic event, our nervous system puts us on high alert when reminded of any aspect of the event. Having access to a resource you can use as often as needed to feel safer, less anxious and less overwhelmed helps with the immediate stabilization as well provides us with a resource you can use anytime you are triggered.

Jubilee of Trees

Southern Utah University
Testing Center

February, 2023

Southern Utah University is allowing students to access the tappers to take tests, both in the classroom and in the testing center. This is so important for people who struggle with test anxiety, who often do not perform at the level they have prepared due to their anxiety taking over at this critical moment.

Having access to a resource you can use “while” preparing for and while taking the test helps you focus, relax and perform at your best.

Jubilee of Trees
Jubilee of Trees
Jubilee of Trees
Jubilee of Trees

Enoch Community Trauma Recovery
Working Together. Healing Together.

January, 2023

Many different organizations and professionals are working together to provide resources, support and healing to individuals, families, students and faculty impacted by the Haight/Earl tragedy.

We want to thank the non-profit organizations, local businesses and families for their support in handing out Bi-Tapp kits to:

Law Enforcement Officers
Neighbors and friends

Jubilee of Trees
Advancing mental and behavioral health resources for children and adolescents

December, 2022

St. George, UT, Jubilee of Trees fundraiser this year is focusing on improving the availability and accessibility of mental health resources for children, adolescents and their families. “The Intermountain West, like much of the nation, is experiencing a pediatric mental health crisis…suicide is the leading cause of death for Utah youth ages 10 to 17.”

Bi-Tapp is actively involved in our local community. We donated a Bi-Tapp kit as part of the Jubilee of Trees fundraiser. We also regularly work with schools, agencies, families, mental health therapists, and the community at large, teaching how to calm you stress and anxiety through bilateral tapping (Bi-Tapp) and other “Help in the Moment” resources.

Jubilee of Trees
A Talk with Cindy Jones

Bilateral Stimulation

December, 2022

Thank you Tom Hill for hosting this event through The EMDR Learning Community.
Link to the interview: https://youtu.be/IM_VjR2BGqQ

Beaver County School District, UT

November, 2022

Lynsey Bond, School Social Worker for Beaver County School District, who covers the entire District, stated:

“Bi-Tapp has been an amazing resource for our students and staff alike. I can’t be at every school every day. Because of Bi-Tapp accessibility, students are able to experience the benefits of increased emotion regulation without missing out on class time.

I am seeing students so excited about the difference that they see and feel within themselves and it’s incredibly empowering. Bi-Tapp has increased the number of students that are able to receive additional help and they are opening doors for students who might not have felt comfortable meeting with me one one one.

Our staff have also found benefit using Bi-Tapp through increased calm and focus.”

Lynsey Bond, School Social Worker for Beaver County School District
Beaver County

Juvenile Justice & Youth Services
Administrative Retreat

October, 2022

The mission of the Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services is to be a leader in the field of juvenile justice by changing young lives, supporting families and keeping communities safe.” In order to accomplish this mission, it is important that the well-being of the employees is a primary focus. They are often exposed to difficult and stressful situations on a consistent basis. Reviewing the Help in the Moment strategies with the leadership team at this retreat is something that can be immediately put into practice. Simple strategies that anyone can do, anywhere, anytime.

Southern Utah University
Disability Center

October, 2022

Southern Utah University (SUU) Disability Center now has several Bi-Tapp kits available for students to check out and use as needed to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve focus in the classroom and while studying
  • To use when taking tests (reduce test anxiety)

SUU now has three locations where students can access tappers and check them out, similar to checking out a library book.

Found My Brave
Kristen J. Lloyd

September, 2022

Kristen J. Lloyd is a singer/songwriter, author/illustrator, western performer, and motivational speaker. She recently graduated from college despite having only a 5th grade education to start with before college. Her song, “My Brave” has resonated with audiences of all ages. “I’m going to help the World become a Braver place, One Brave Finder at a time.”

Kristen’s message resonates with Bi-Tapp’s mission. When you are able to calm your nervous system down using Bi-Tapp, you can “find your brave”. We look forward to our collaboration with Kristen.

Cherish Families

September, 2022

Cherish Families is an organization that assists polygamous families and communities with the resources they need to manage crisis situations. Their mission statement is: “We connect individuals and families, primarily from polygamist cultures, with tools and resources for generational success.”

We had the opportunity to work directly with advocates/case managers of Cherish Families. Having a working understanding of the window of tolerance and basic coping strategies to help your nervous system calm down serves those you work with as well as yourself. When you are the “helper” in a crisis or difficult situation, it can be overwhelming. Having access to a resource such as Bi-Tapp that you can use in the moment of distress as well as afterwards to help your stress level return to baseline helps prevent burnout and lessens attrition. Cherish Families uses the tappers for both staff and clients. This tool remediates secondary traumatic stress in their staff, and helps their clients become more calm and focused.

Shirlee Draper, their Director of Operations, stated “Bi-Tapp has made a huge difference for us. I use them to stay focused while working, to help my grandson who has ASD, and to help friends who are going through a rough time. Our team uses them to do intakes for clients in acute crisis, and they have really helped.”

Cedar City, UT Police Department

August, 2022

Cassie Edwards, the Executive Assistant to Chief Adams, applied for and received the State-funded Mental Health Resource grant for First Responders. “The purpose of the grant application is our ongoing efforts to support our officers and staff with mental health awareness. We have provided various clinical, peer support, and prevention awareness services with the funding. I want to extend a special thank you to all who have helped in this endeavor.”

Due to the funding that came from this grant, every officer was given a Bi-Tapp kit. The tappers provide the officers with a resource they can use to proactively manage the stress that is associated with their line of work.

Chief Adams stated, “Our first responders are constantly bombarded by varying levels of stress, which can have an adverse impact on their job and their personal lives. Ensuring their mental wellness is as important as anything we can do for our employees. I am committed to supporting this project and any other that will do just that!”

Bi-Tapp is a Teletherapy Resource

August, 2022

Using remotEMDR teletherapy platform, the therapist can now control the bilateral tapping during a teletherapy session. This option is now available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

Teletherapy is helping address the need for mental health therapy in rural areas and other areas where access to treatment is limited. remotEMDR and Bi-Tapp saw a need and worked together to create a solution.

  • Your client will need Bi-Tapp tappers
  • Your client will need to pair the tappers to the Bi-Tapp App
  • Click on this link for full instructions to set up the remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp integration for a Teletherapy session

Iron County Sheriff’s Office

Brionna Sherratt, M.P.A., C.A., Victim Services Program Manager
July, 2022

“Four years ago when the program started, I saw the value in having a resource for victims and First Responders to have access to in stressful situations. There have been multiple instances where victims and First Responders have utilized the tappers to calm themselves during stressful situations. One of the instances that stands out is when a victim had to see their perpetrator in court. After being handed the tappers, the victim was physically calmer and less anxious. The tappers were amazing at helping her manage her anxiety.”

Bi-Tapp is helping improve reading scores
Pine View Middle School

May, 2022

Mrs. Gifford, who teaches at Pine View Middle School, Washington County School District in Utah, wanted to see if the tappers could help her Literacy Class improve their reading scores. These 8th grade students are reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level and are regular education students.

The results after two months of using the tappers.

⅓ of the class raised their Lexile level 20-40%. (A reading scale)

Read more About Improved Academic Performance here.

School Counselor Skills Conference
Washington County School District

April, 2022

School Counselors deal with many difficult situations every day. We had the opportunity to teach the “Help in the Moment” strategies at this conference. These strategies are being used with students of all ages, colleagues as well as the School Counselors themselves, in moments of heightened stress anxiety. These are resources that can be put into practice immediately. We all do better when our nervous system is calm and regulated.

Southern Utah University
Health & Wellness Center

March, 2022

Southern Utah University‘s (SUU) Health & Wellness Center has incorporated Bi-Tapp as a resource for students to check out, similar to checking out a library book. Students are using the tappers to help reduce their stress and anxiety, including test anxiety.

Jessie Mineer, Coordinator of the Health & Wellness Center stated, “The Bi-Tapps have been a huge hit!”

Utah Student Services Directors Spring Conference

March, 2022

We are grateful to the Utah Student Services Directors Association. This amazing group of people work tirelessly throughout
the year and then meet together every spring to collaborate and learn about resources that they can take back to their School Districts.

We were invited to share how Bi-Tapp is being used in School Districts throughout Utah and across the country to reduce anxiety
and stress as well as improve focus.

The tappers are a resource for adults as well as students. There has never been a time when teacher burnout has been higher.

There is “Help in the Moment” of heightened stress and anxiety and it starts with Bi-Tapp. Simple solution, profound results.

Bi-Tapp App and chromebooks

March, 2022

Bi-Tapp App can be downloaded on chromebooks

Both Washington County School District and Iron County School District in Utah have approved the Bi-Tapp App for students to use on their chromebooks.

Why is this big news?

When you have several students in a classroom wanting to use tappers at the same time to take a test, for example, it is faster to have the students pair their tappers to the Bi-Tapp App on their chromebook than to have the teacher pair each set of tappers for the students.

Southern Utah is leading the way in helping reduce anxiety and stress in the school setting.

School Nurses

Washington County School District, UT

January, 2022

We have high respect for the nursing profession. They play a vital role in keeping students and teachers safe. Choosing to be a school nurse is rewarding but also means often managing high stress situations, being responsible for a large number of students and trying to manage their own levels of burnout. We had the opportunity to meet with all the nurses in Washington County School District to show them how to use the tappers to help anxious, overwhelmed students have access to a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical resource to help them feel calmer. The nurses were also taught that “they” can use the tappers as well as other “help in the moment” strategies to help them proactively manage the stress they experience due to their job.

Kathryn, a nurse in the District, shared this:

“I have loved having the bi-tapps.

I found it especially helpful with one of my Elementary age diabetic students. He was extremely emotional one day, and I honestly didn’t have time to sit and talk with him. So, I handed him my tappers and set them at a pace that he liked. I also turned the lights down and had him lay down on the health office bed. Within about 5 minutes he said he felt better and he was in better spirits and was ready to head back to class. I was surprised at how quickly he snapped out of it. Generally, when he is like that it takes longer to regulate his emotions and it usually would involve a phone call to his mother.

I carry them in my laptop with me from school to school. They come in handy on the occasions that we are dealing with emotions.

Thanks to the Washington County School District, Department of Student Services for getting  them for us! We love having tools that can assist in those situations.”

Kathryn B, RN BSN – School Nurse

RemotEMDR Bi-Tapp Integration

June, 2021

Tactile BLS for Teletherapy sessions is now available: A remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp Integration

We have an exciting announcement! remotEMDR is the only online platform to offer therapist controlled tactile BLS using Bi-Tapp tappers.

To use remotEMDR with Bi-Tapp, you or your client will need to buy Bi-Tapp’s kit. Please note: the Bi-Tapp/remotEMDR integration currently works with iOS devices only. (the Android App will be released soon) Please make sure your client has access to an iOS device before purchasing tappers.

Once you have the tappers, click on this link for full instructions on setting up the remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp integration on your device.

Have any questions? Contact us!
For more details on Bi-Tapp and its integration with remotEMDR, contact us at customerservice@bi-tapp.com contact remotEMDR at info@remotEMDR.com

Who’s Using Bi-Tapp?

In honor of

July 3, 2020

We want to express our grief at the passing of our dear friend, Jolie. She was creative, intelligent, genuine and kind. She loved to uplift and support others. She had a wonderful laugh and a beautiful smile. Jolie wanted to share how the tappers were helping her regulate her emotions after she was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). She managed this diagnosis with with grace. We love you and will miss you so very much.
Bitapp podcast

Bi-Tapp on the Helping Fortify Business Podcast

Spencer Halford & Nick Lewis Helping Fortify Business Podcast

We sat down with Spencer and Nick from the Helping Fortify Business Podcast to discuss the benefits of Bi-Tapp and how Bilateral Tapping works to relieve anxiety and stress.

Bitapp podcast

Canyon View
High School

KarriAnn Raddon, School Counselor

KarriAnn Raddon, School Counselor at Canyon View High School was awarded Educator of the Year by the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce in January 2020. She was honored for many things, including developing the Tapping to Wellness Program in her school. This program utilizes the tappers as a calming resource for the students. They have seen a significant decrease in anxiety and an improvement in test scores. The Canyon View High School Counseling Department was also awarded the Outstanding Secondary Team of the Year in the Iron County School District.

Thank you KarriAnn for your vision of how the tappers can benefit an entire school; students, teachers and faculty.

Safari Hospitality

Eric Bonnett, LCSW, School Social Worker
Katherine Bleak, Wellness Room Coordinator

Safari Hospitality donated 27 Bi-Tapp kits to be used by students at North and East Elementary Schools in Cedar City, Utah. Thank you Eric Bonnett, LCSW, School Social Worker and Katherine Bleak, Wellness Room Coordinator at North Elementary for your outstanding work with students.

Washington County
School District

Tami Curtis, LCSW, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

Washington County School District put tappers in all their Wellness Rooms throughout the District for the 2019/2020 school year. Thank you Tami Curtis, LCSW, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator for WCSD for all your hard work on behalf of the students in your School District.

KSL Learns About Bi-Tapp!

Canyon View High School

On August 13, 2019, Felicia Martinez with the KSL TV Morning Team was at Canyon View High School for the first day of school to learn about their Tapping to Wellness Program.

Sunset Elementary

Sunset Elementary became one of the first schools to add a Wellness Center last year. Since then, behavior problems that landed kids in the principal’s office declined 85%.

Southwest Behavioral
Health Center

Michael Deal, Executive Director
April 2020

Southwest Behavioral Health Center, provider of comprehensive behavioral health services to Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington Counties in Utah purchased several Bi-Tapp kits so that their clients could access the tappers for Teletherapy. Clients were able to check out the tappers for their sessions and then return them to the center afterwards.

Four Points Health
Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

Tyler Goddard, LCSW, Health Director
October, 2019

We have provided tappers to Tribal Member clients and students to help calm anxiety, which they have reported the tappers helped. We are also using them in session to help clients as they discuss and work through difficult emotions and trauma. Additionally, our therapists are using the tappers for themselves to help them stay calm and regulated as they experience secondary trauma and compassion fatigue.

Children’s Justice Center (CJC)
Iron County, Utah

March, 2019

The Children’s Justice Center, whose motto is “A place where small voices are heard”, is designed to help children and families feel safe as they deal with the initial crisis and chaos that is often experienced after abuse has been disclosed. Bi-Tapp is one of the resources offered to those who are at the CJC prior to being interviewed. Having access to a resource that is simple to use and effective at helping someone calm down is of top priority.

Stephanie Ward, Executive Director of Iron, Beaver, Kane and Garfield County in Utah was the first CJC Director to utilize Bi-Tapp as a calming resource not only for the children and families coming to the CJC in crisis, but also as a resource for the helpers, including the First Responders.

Route 91 Harvest
Music Festival Tragedy

Bi-Tapp is an approved discretionary item for anyone with a claim number from the October 1, 2017 tragedy. There is no timeline for requesting tappers. Please email us at: customerservice@bi-tapp.com to receive information on how to request and receive a Bi-Tapp kit..


Performance Anxiety: From panic to poise with bilateral tapping

Performance Anxiety: From panic to poise with bilateral tapping

Performance anxiety, or stage fright, arises when fear of failure triggers intense reactions, disrupting our ability to function effectively. This reaction is due to the sympathetic nervous system’s response, causing symptoms like shaking and a rapid heartbeat, which can be detrimental in situations requiring precision. Bi-Tapp tappers offer a solution by using bilateral tapping to calm the nervous system, allowing the prefrontal cortex to regain control. This method has helped many, including violinist Amanda, manage their anxiety effectively during high-pressure situations.

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Tap away test anxiety… and tap into your true potential

Tap away test anxiety… and tap into your true potential

Test anxiety can be a debilitating barrier, unfairly hindering talented individuals who have invested time and effort into their studies. Bi-Tapp offers a groundbreaking solution to this pervasive issue, providing a tool that calms the mind and allows access to retained knowledge. Discover how Bi-Tapp’s bilateral stimulation technology can help you conquer test anxiety, improve focus, and unlock your true potential. Embrace the chance to perform at your best in academic and professional settings with Bi-Tapp.

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Your Ruminating Brain: How to Escape a Negative Thought Trap

Your Ruminating Brain: How to Escape a Negative Thought Trap

Rumination is an exhausting negative treadmill where negative thoughts about the past and future consume us and darken our moods. Bi-lateral tapping can pause the pause button on the rumination treadmill by activating our body’s natural relaxation response–the parasympathetic nervous system. This article explores the science of bilateral tapping and shows how Bi-Tapp has helped people break free from the stress and depressing symptoms it causes.

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When Healing Community Trauma, Start with Regulation

When Healing Community Trauma, Start with Regulation

The traditional approach to healing community trauma involves group and individual therapy, however, only a small percentage attend these formal mental health interventions. Bilateral tapping can help community members regulate their nervous systems and regain their calm, regardless of whether they choose to attend therapy.

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