How people are using Bi-Tapp

How Does Tapping Help

When your nervous system is regulated, you can:

Life has stressful moments. During those moments, your nervous system goes in and out of regulation in response to triggers that are often below your conscious awareness. 

Regardless of what the trigger is, Bi-Tapp’s bilateral tapping automatically returns your body to a regulated state of grounded, focused calm.

Bi-Tapp Tappers Are Changing Lives

















“Anchored in a regulated system, options appear and possibilities emerge.” 

– Deb Dana, The Polyvagal Institute


Every parent has stressful moments. Regulate your nervous system so that you can co-regulate your kids and help them feel safe, grounded, and able to deal with whatever’s happening.

“I highly recommend Bi-Tapps! I’ve purchased a pair for all of my children and grandchildren. As a therapist, I recommend Bi-Tapps for my clients who need help managing daily stressors. Parents use them to help their children stay focused with homework and relax at the end of the school day. Added to the nighttime bed routine, Bi-Tapps can help kids fall asleep. I also use them myself! Bi-Tapps are a valuable tool to help regulate one’s nervous system.”

Leslie B, CMHC


When kids don’t feel safe for whatever reason, they often need help coming back into regulation. Whether they struggle with maintaining focus or managing anxiety, the tappers restore their ability to calm themselves down.

Stacy L. Child Wearing Backpack

“My 9-yr old granddaughter was able to stay focused in school. The tappers work wonderfully. In her words: “They help me focus and not have headaches and stomachaches. The tappers make my life more happy. They’re like my best friends. School is easier with them.

Stacy L.

“I use the tappers when I go to the dentist. I’m 13 years old and I had a bad infection in my mouth and I was so stressed about my dentist appointment. I tend to worry about things that could happen. I took the tappers with me and put them in my pockets. They helped me stay calm.”

Abigail J.

Frontline Workers

When you’re on the frontlines, others are counting on you to maintain your calm. Use the tappers to dial down the stress level of the situation and help you function at your best.

“As a first responder, I have long stressful days. I used to really struggle with leaving work at work, especially after a bad call. I brought the stress home with me and had a hard time just being with my family when I got home. Now I use the tappers. I carry one in each pocket and they calm me down all day long so that I don’t have to de-stress when I get home.”

Thom O.

“As a Detective, I deal with many challenging and high-stress cases. I have found that using these tappers when I have to testify in court, present information in training, and even when writing reports helps me stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand. I keep a pair in my office and in my emergency vehicle that I can use in unanticipated high-stress situations.”

Detective Topham


When workplace demands throw you off balance, use tapping to regain composure and control.  Tappers are invisible and quiet so you can use them to regulate your nervous system when you need it.

“Personally and professionally, I’ve seen the positive impact of using Bi-Tapps! I wear them on the way home from work and find I’m more centered and relaxed and not thinking as much about the day behind me. I’ve also noticed how they help me sustain concentration! They work for reducing anxiety, improving sleep patterns and increasing the ability to manage pain. It is truly remarkable to just turn the tappers on and let the gentle pulsing help my nervous system reset. I take them everywhere I go.”

Dr. Sara Gilman, LMFT

“Let’s face it, some days are more challenging than others. Being an educator for 25 years, I am so grateful that when a class is demanding more of me than normal, I can tell my students, ‘Hang on, I need to get my tappers going.’

I am able to regain focus and give all my students what they need and I am role modeling the importance of self regulation.”

Paula G., M.Ed.

Mental Health Therapists

Help your clients regulate so that they feel safe and calm enough to process their situation. You control the speed, intensity, and length of the tappers whether the session is remote or in-person.

“I use tapping on my clients as the means of providing bilateral stimulation. I like the freedom it gives my clients to move as they need to, and it enables them to have their eyes open or closed during reprocessing. I prefer Bi-Tapp pulsers for offering bilateral stimulation for clients who do not want to be personally tapped, and for remote sessions. I find the Bi-Tapp tappers to be the most natural feeling and non-intrusive alternatives for bilateral stimulation. I have clients either put them under their legs or in their socks, they can also hold them or wear them with wristbands.”

Craig P., MFT

“I have found Bi-Tapp to be very efficient and helpful! The tappers charge quickly and my clients can choose the speed and intensity of the tapping that feels comfortable to them. My practice involves a lot of children, so I like that the tappers are cordless. Some of my clients have purchased their own to use when their anxiety gets high. They have found them helpful in reducing their anxiety at home or in stressful situations in their life.”

Carolyn C., CMHC


Kids can’t learn if they can’t stay in class. As a teacher or school counselor, have your kids hold the tappers in their hands or put them in their pockets so they can regulate enough to stay in class.

“Students learn quickly what the tappers are and how they can be a resource for them. Once students realize they have a tool that can help them calm down quickly or help them focus, they will often ask for the tappers when they need them.”

Eric B., LCSW, School Social Worker

“Bi-Tapp has been an amazing resource for our students and staff alike. I can’t be at every school every day. Because of Bi-Tapp’s accessibility, students are able to experience the benefits of increased emotion regulation without missing out on class time.”

Lynsey B., School Social Worker

Performers & Test Takers

When performance anxiety surfaces, it’s difficult to do your best. Slip the silent tappers into your socks or pockets and regain enough regulation that you can perform at the top of your skill level.

It’s frustrating to study hard, only to have test anxiety take over and ruin your performance. Use the tappers before and/or during the test to restore a state of steady, focused calm so you can do your best.

“I’m a violinist who suffers from performance anxiety. With the tappers, I have more confidence because I know that I’ll be able to manage my performance anxiety.”

Amanda C.

“I used the tappers to help me pass my nursing board exam that I had failed many times previously. I have struggled with test anxiety in the past and have tried many different solutions. These tappers helped me the most. I was able to calm my nervous system and focus. I used them while studying and during the exam. I am very grateful for these tappers and I have continued to use them in my everyday life when I get anxious. They help me relax and reset.”

Alexis S.

Trauma Survivors

When you’ve experienced a trauma, your body can get hijacked by stimuli that trigger a fight, flight, or freeze response. Use the tappers whenever you feel triggered to regain calm, controlled functioning.

“Our family was in a terrible car accident resulting in PTSD for myself and my children. After struggling for 2 ½ years, we discovered Bi-Tapp and the tappers made an immediate difference. I wear them in my pockets if I’m driving or riding in a vehicle to keep the panic under control. My kids use them in situations that trigger their PTSD. They make a world of difference.”

Ann G.

“I was fortunate to have a best friend that I spent a lot of time with. Unfortunately, I was present when my friend was killed in a domestic violence event. After the trauma, I couldn’t think. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. My normal coping mechanisms just weren’t enough. My therapist had me try the tappers. I had them on 24/7, and using them marked a turning point in my recovery. They calmed down my nervous system, helped me focus and concentrate at work, and helped me fall and stay asleep at night. I’m so grateful I had Bi-Tapp to help me through this.”

MaryAnn O.

Domestic Violence Survivors

As a survivor of domestic violence, your nervous system can get hijacked by triggers you may not even be aware of. Use the tappers to regulate and restore your sense of calm whenever you need it.

“I have a client for whom, when she first came in, it was almost impossible to speak with us about what happened to her. We used Bi-Tapp with her and she was able to talk with us about what had happened and have a conversation with us. Every appointment since then, she has used the tappers and we’ve progressed much farther than we might have without them.

This client was unable to leave her residence due to crippling nervousness before we gave her a pair of Bi-Tapp tappers but now she’s able to go to the grocery store, take her son out and go on walks. These devices have drastically changed the way she is able to interact with the world and other people.”

KayDee, Domestic Violence Advocate

Addiction Recovery

Whether you’re currently overcoming your addiction or you’re working to maintain your sobriety, use the tappers whenever you feel triggered, irritable, anxious, or are experiencing a craving.

Megan L.

“If my thoughts are jumbled and I can’t stay on task or follow my audio books, I start the tappers. It brings me back to what I am actually trying to focus on. If I start thinking about getting out of my head by drinking, the bilateral tapping calms me and I quit thinking about it and then I can  push through those difficult moments. Whereas without the tappers, I can’t push through it and I end up relapsing.”


Healthcare Providers

You can discreetly use the tappers during long shifts or stressful situations, ensuring you can provide the best care with a calm, centered approach.

Heart illustration over a pink background

I’m a nurse practitioner in a very busy Cardiology clinic. I keep my tappers in my pockets and use them frequently. No one else knows I use them. Before going into an exam room, I review the patient’s chart. If I’m weary or wary of the patient or family member, or the patient is overly complicated, or I’m distracted by my personal life, tired or cranky, I turn on the tappers. Tapping helps me manage anxious, negative and intrusive self-talk. Tapping helps me stay focused, flexible and ‘in the flow’.

M. Thomas, APRN

Individuals with ASD

When sensory input becomes overwhelming, all you need to do is hold the tappers or have them in your pockets to begin self-regulating so you can return to presence in spite of the overload.

“The tappers have worked wonders for my 15yr old daughter. She is high-functioning autistic and will frequently get into a state of elevation. When she is in this state there is no reaching her. The tappers help her come down from that state so much faster. Going from 10-20 minutes of intense rage before calming down to, at most, 3 minutes with the tappers. She wears them during classes and situations that we know might trigger her. I highly recommend this product to those with autism or anxiety.”


Anxious People

Anxiety can make daily tasks feel insurmountable. Tuck the tappers away in pockets or hold them discreetly, and find a sense of relief and centeredness, making each moment more manageable and peaceful.

“The tappers really work! I’ve had trouble with anxiety all my life. Now when I recognize my anxiety, I use my tappers and feel better right away. I especially love knowing I have something to do when I feel super stressed out. I am proactive with my own life and get my tappers on! I put them in my socks on the inside of my ankles when I am at work or out in the community. Relief without drugs! The tappers are so amazing!”

Becky T.

Restless Sleepers

When you have difficulty either falling asleep or staying asleep, the gentle tapping will soothe racing thoughts and help you achieve deep, restful sleep. 

“While suffering through months of difficult trauma, falling asleep was impossible many nights. Sometimes holding the tappers on their own was enough. But many nights, I have held them and listened to soft meditation music or a breathing app. These combinations have really helped me to calm down and relax.”


“Due to medical reasons, I’ve had a whole year of being on something to help me sleep and once I was done with chemo, I wanted to learn to sleep again without medication. The tappers helped me get there. I fall asleep quicker and easier now and my mind doesn’t get going like it did. And the best part is being able to fall back asleep again rather than laying awake for hours.”


People Managing Pain & Medical Issues

When pain becomes too intense, the gentle bi-lateral rhythm of the tappers can help you redirect your focus and experience relief.

“I’ve been diagnosed with dementia and I use my tappers every day. They calm me down and help me with my anxiety and my stress. They also help with my OCD.”


“I absolutely love my tappers because they help me when I’m feeling anxious or when I need to focus on important personal and professional projects. I have a genetic disorder that also causes lots of pain and I turn on my tappers when I need to relax, calm down, and focus on a meditation. The tappers have been a life saver by moving my brain from fight or flight to logic via silencing the amygdala. So grateful this technology has been created and I’ll be using them for a long, long time!!!”

Aurie, RN