School Use

Learn more about using Bi-Tapp in an educational setting

Bi-Tapp is a product being used in a variety of ways with students of all ages; elementary age to university level students. Bi-Tapp is being used with students who are anxious, overwhelmed, have test anxiety or who are struggling with behavioral issues. The tappers are also a support for students in crisis and after crisis to help them feel calmer.
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Students of all ages who have used the tappers have shown progress in the following areas:

Improved ability to calm down


Reduction of stress and anxiety


Improved focus


Improved mindfulness skills

The students learn quickly what the tappers are and how they can be a resource for them. Once students realize they have a tool that can help them calm down quickly or help them focus, they will often ask for the tappers when they need them.

– Eric Bonnett, LCSW, School Social Worker
_____________Iron County School District, Utah

Testimonial Videos

Hear from some of our past customers how Bi-Tapp has helped reduce anxiety and improve focus.

School Counselors/Therapists

Test Anxiety


General Classroom




Special Education

School Counselors/Therapists

Bi-Tapp is a resource that you can use to help the students you work with return to their window of tolerance in a short amount of time. You cannot reason with a student when they are emotionally dysregulated, so providing them with a resource that can help them calm down quickly is critical. Students who are having a particularly difficult time, may benefit from taking the tappers to class and using them as needed.

Some students are using the tappers “before” the start of school and are reporting having a much better day overall.

A Resource to de-escalate crisis situations

“I love my tappers so much! I’m a school social worker at a middle and high school and I bought a pair of tappers to use with my students. My tappers have been very effective in many situations. I have used them the most to help de-escalate students during panic attacks and crisis situations. It has never failed to help calm a student down.I highly recommend this product if part of your work is de-escalating people, especially young people.”

-Lainy B., School Social Worker-


Helping students

“As a school counselor, I have used the tappers to help students who are in an escalated state of emotion (anger, sadness, anxiety) bring the emotion to a manageable level so that they can more effectively process what’s going on for them. On one occasion, a young man was brought to my office as he was so emotionally out of control he was trying to harm himself. He sat at my desk and began forcefully banging his head against it. I handed him the tappers and simply said, “Hold onto these for a minute.” The calming effect was almost instant. He ceased from banging his head, and within seconds we were able to talk about what was bothering him in a more productive way.”

-Lynn N., School Counselor-


Helping clients and students

“I have been fortunate to have been using Bi-Tapp tappers since they were first made available to the public. I use them in many capacities and they have become a staple in my daily life. In my mental health private practice, I use the tappers to help facilitate the processing of traumatic events and to assist with the generalized calming and emotional centering of clients.

I also provide in-school therapeutic services for students in a high school and an elementary school. The tappers are being used as a first-stage intervention for students who are having difficulty regulating their emotions. I am seeing an elementary-aged child, who has not been able to stay in the classroom for longer than an hour at a time, make it through entire days without needing further intervention. The high school students are able to request the use of the tappers when they feel their anxiety rising, or when they are experiencing a trauma trigger. I also allow students to borrow the tappers for class periods or tests they are feeling uneasy about. The feedback from the students, teachers, and administrators has been positive and exciting.”

-Natalie T, CMHC-


The tappers helped me on a hard day at school

“My brother from another mother got in a bad car crash and I was waiting for a call telling me what happened exactly. I had school that day and I made a bad decision to ditch class and try and calm down. My principal found me and let me borrow the tappers. It really helped me through the day until I got the call. (Luckily, he just broke a few bones). I highly recommend using them as the rhythmic pattern is satisfying.”

-Jae, student-


Test Anxiety

When you are taking a test or presenting in front of your class, you want to be in your window of tolerance so that you are able to perform at your very best.

Practice using the tappers prior to taking your test so you know the rate of speed and the rate of intensity of the tapping that you like best. Also, take time to find out where the bilateral tapping works best for you (wearing the tappers on your wrists, placing them in your pockets, or your socks)

Some people use the tappers “prior” to taking the test and some people use the tappers during the test and some do both.

Additional Tip:

Use the tappers to help you get quality sleep if you struggle with getting a good night’s rest prior to a big event. It is recommended that you turn both the rate of speed and the rate of intensity down. (slow speed, light tapping)

He felt like he was able to focus on the test rather than being distracted by his anxiety.

My son has struggled with anxiety for quite some time and we have tried many different things to help him when he is feeling anxious or stressed. A few weeks ago he had a busy week and he was feeling some stress about a few tests he had and basketball tryouts. He used his set of Bi-Tapp and kept them in his socks throughout the day. He was able to stay calm during his tests and felt like he was able to focus on the test rather than being distracted by his anxiety. He did not use the tappers during his basketball tryout, but he felt like their use up to the tryout helped him have the ability to remain calm and focused. We love Bi-Tapp and are so grateful for the help they have been!



My tappers are awesome

“My dad bought me some tappers. I started using them to help me stay calm in school so I could pay attention better. I really started doing better in school. The most important thing that has happened is that my ACT score has gone up significantly. The first few times I took the test I scored a 22. I took an ACT prep course and started wearing the tappers and my last ACT score was 28. My tappers are awesome!”



General Classroom Use

Students can use Bi-Tapp in the classroom whenever needed. For younger students, it is important to set expectations around the tappers. They are not a toy, they are a resource to help students function and perform at their best.

Students can only absorb new learning when they are in their window of tolerance. Having access to a resource that students can use in the classroom as needed helps the students remain in the classroom, which is where we want them to be; actively learning and a part of things.

These tappers work wonderfully.

“These tappers work wonderfully. My 9 year old granddaughter was able to stay focused in school. It was/is truly amazing! She used to be stressed every day about her math paper, but now she said it doesn’t stress her at all. Whenever she is feeling a little bit anxious, she puts them on. I think they have helped her sleep better at night. In her words, “They help me focus and not have headaches and stomachaches. It makes my life more happy! They’re like my best friends. School is easier with them. And I finish school easier with them. I’m glad that I tried them and I love the color of the wristband.”



Amazing for school

“I love Bi-Tapp! I have suffered from pretty bad anxiety most of my life and it is worse in big crowds and in school settings where there are unknown factors. In graduate school, there are a lot of new situations you are in and you have to be able to manage your anxiety in order to be successful. I use the tappers to help me. One day was particularly bad, so I placed the tappers in my pockets and my anxiety went from a 9 to a 3, just by having the tappers. Once I calmed down, I was able to concentrate and perform to the best of my ability. The best thing about the tappers is they are so quiet that no one even knew I had them on me.”

-Kendra, Graduate Student-


I can't recommend them enough

“I have had my tappers for a while and I can’t recommend them enough. I bring them to the school I teach 6th grade at for use in my classroom when needed. I have a few students who escalate and become angry very quickly. One day, I told one of them to hold the tappers and count to ten before we conferenced about his behavior. He was able to calm down quickly and we were able to communicate without a tantrum. It was amazing. I think every school should have tappers as an aide for calming students.”




It is important that students are in their window of tolerance so they are able to absorb new learning and function at their highest level. It is equally important that you spend as much time as possible in your window of tolerance for your overall health and well being. Bi-Tapp is a resource that you can use as often as you need to, personally and professionally.

They are golden!

“One of the many things I do is provide a staff inservice at our school to teach the faculty about the Polyvagal theory and why it’s important to them as teachers. I also teach them about the tappers and why they work. Many of them have the App on their phones and use the tappers as needed. I have 2 teachers who regularly come and check out the tappers for themselves when the school day is stressful or when their personal life is stressful so that they can be in the window of tolerance for the students they are working with. I do not ask about their struggles out of respect for their privacy. I do know that they will come and seek me or my supervisor out for a set of Bi-Tapp units when they need them. This occurred about 1-3 times per month this past school year. There are other teachers who have checked out the tappers for themselves as needed. I, myself, use them when needed to regulate me and reduce anxiety. They are golden!”

-Kayelyn R, LCSW, Registered Play Therapist-
-Supervisor, Reagan Academy-


My tappers are a wonderful tool added to my teaching bag of tricks.

“I’ve been using Bi-Tapps for several years and have found them to be useful in a variety of settings. I use them most often at work. I teach school and certain times of year are much more stressful than others. The higher my stress levels rise with the demands of beginning or ending a school year, attending meetings, or preparing for meetings, the less focus I’m able to maintain to accomplish what’s needed in order to be proficient at my job. When I use the tappers, I notice my stress levels going down and my focus levels going up. I now have set times throughout the school year when I know I’m going to use my tappers and I keep them on hand for times when unexpected challenges arise and I need some extra help to stay focused. I’m always a bit amazed when I realize that I’ve actually been able to reduce my stress and increase my focus simply by turning on my Bi-Tapps and going about the business of my day. My tappers are a wonderful tool added to my teaching bag of tricks.”

-Beverly, Elementary School Teacher-



Many people who are on the Autism spectrum are experiencing the benefits of using Bi-Tapp as a calming resource. If a person has texture sensitivity to the tappers, be flexible in exploring options such as wearing the tappers in pockets or finding a material that the person likes that the tappers can be encased in.

The tappers have helped her come down from that state so much faster.

The tappers have worked wonders for my 15yr. old daughter. She is high functioning autistic and will frequently get into a state of elevation. When she is in this state there is no reaching her. The tappers have helped her come down from that state so much faster. Going from 10-20 minutes of intense rage before calming down to at most 3 min with the tappers. She wears them during classes and situations that we know are a problem. There have been instances where the teacher was able to get to her in time to have her activate them and no problems occurred. I highly recommend this product to those with autism or anxiety.



Special Education

The tappers are being used in Special Education classrooms to help students focus, to help them regulate their emotions and to help them reduce and recover from acting out behaviors. The tappers are also being used by teachers and aides to help them manage stressful situations as well as recover from a stressful situation that has taken place.

Levels of Tolerance

Window of Tolerance

Gaining a working understanding of the Window of Tolerance is the single most important thing that will help you effectively manage your stress and anxiety. Learning to recognize when you are outside your window of tolerance and utilizing resources to help your nervous system calm down and return to the green zone is a key component to your emotional health.

Bi-Tapp is a resource that can help you stay in the green zone or return to the green zone. We want to spend as much time as possible in our window of tolerance because that is when we function at our best.


Red Zone

  • Sympathetic system is activated
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Can’t think clearly
  • Rigid or Chaotic thinking
  • Anxious / Panic
  • Emotional Reactivity
  • Stress Patterns Emerge

No new learning can take place

Window of Tolerance

Green Zone

  • Parasympathetic system is activated
  • Experience a full range of emotions but with a sense of control and options
  • State of mind is calm, alert, flexible, adaptable
  • Able to self regulate and connect with others

New learning can take place


Blue Zone

  • Poor contact with others
  • Isolation / Withdrawal from others
  • Numbing of emotions
  • Limited awareness of sensation
  • Hard time tracking conversation

No new learning can take place

Downloadable Handouts

In-the-Moment Resources

When you are anxious or stressed, these are things you can do in the moment to help your nervous system calm down.

Window of Tolerance Handout

Use this handout to help easily understand your tolerance level and whether you are in the red zone, the green zone, or the blue zone.

Why Does Bilateral Tapping Work as a Calming Resource?

Bilateral stimulation activates each hemisphere of the brain in an alternating pattern, inhibiting the amygdala.

How to Use the Tappers

Normalize the use of the tappers by showing them to the students and letting them hold them. Then choose the setting needed depending on the scenario.