Bi-Tapp at work with communities

Working Together. Healing Together.

Bi-Tapp is focused on Community Outreach

We work with businesses and non-profit organizations to help people have access to tappers, who are in need of this resource. We want to thank these organizations for their support in this cause.


Bi-Tapp has partnered with Mind the Frontline.

2024 Partniship with

2024 Partniship with

Mind the Frontline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, education and support to those who selflessly safeguard our communities. Their outreach is specifically tailored to healthcare workers, military, public service frontline first responders and their families. We fully support their efforts as their mission aligns with our efforts. Our innovative product allows first responders (or anyone) to use the tappers whenever needed, anytime and anywhere. First responders can wear the tappers before, during or after stressful events. This allows their nervous system to recover more quickly from the impact of the high end, stressful and traumatic events they are continually exposed to.

Bi-Tapp Project

Bi-Tapp was part of the early intervention focus after a tragedy took place in Enoch, Utah

on January 4, 2023. A sense of safety that is often one of the benefits of rural communities felt taken overnight. Community members of all ages from preschool age children to adults exhibited acute stress reactions including difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating at work or school, experiencing feeling overwhelmed and being easily triggered. Bi-Tapp helped reduce these acute stress symptoms as this self regulation resource that all ages could use, anytime and anywhere. 

We want to thank the non-profit organizations, local businesses and families for their support in handing out Bi-Tapp kits to:

Law Enforcement Officers
Neighbors and friends

Together, we are working together, to heal together.  Bi-Tapp is now a part of the ongoing effort to help community members have access to a calming resource they can use anytime they need to.