Community Trauma Recovery

Working Together. Healing Together.

Group of people standing in a line, holding each other

Many different organizations and professionals are working together to provide resources, support and healing to individuals, families, students and faculty impacted by the Haight/Earl tragedy.



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  • Self-assessment for all ages
  • Coping strategies
  • Age-appropriate group sessions
  • Individual therapy resources

Bi-Tapp Project

We want to thank the non-profit organizations, local businesses and families for their support to hand out Bi-Tapp kits to:

Law Enforcement Officers
Neighbors and friends

Together, we are working together, to heal together

Bi-Tapp has partnered with Friends of Iron County Sheriff to accept donations so that this mental health resource can continue to be given to those in need.
Markay Johnson
Red Mountain Integrative Medicine & Pain Center
Markay Johnson

Review of the week

"I am a school social worker at a middle and high school and I bought a pair of tappers to use with my students during panic attacks and crisis situations. It has never failed to calm a student down."