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5 Ways Bi-Tapp Can Relieve Travel Stress

Delayed flights. Crowded airports. Long flights with muscle aches and disrupted sleep. While traveling should be an enjoyable experience, it often comes with significant stress. A recent study found that 92% of Americans say travel is nerve-racking. In fact, it’s tempting to skip family gatherings and special events because of travel anxiety. But there’s a quick fix for all that travel stress: Bi-Tapp. Use your tappers before, during, and after your trip to maintain a sense of calm and ease. Here’s how Bi-Tapp can transform your travel experience.

1. Stay Calm While Packing

Packing can be a significant source of travel stress, especially if you are also packing for your children. If you’ve ever tried to pack when feeling frazzled and rushed, you know that it is difficult to think clearly and remember what you need. Wearing your Bi-Tapp tappers while packing helps you stay calm and focused.  The gentle, rhythmic tapping activates both sides of your brain, automatically calming down the fight/flight response so you can focus and pack more efficiently. With Bi-Tapp, you can avoid last-minute packing panic and ensure you don’t forget any important items.

2. Remain Relaxed During Car Trips

Meet Sharon, a Bi-Tapp user who loves visiting her new granddaughter but struggles with travel anxiety. After a bad car accident, she was freezing up on the freeway, making trips dangerous and stressful. Listening to books on tape wasn’t enough to calm her nerves. Then she discovered Bi-Tapp. By slipping the tappers into her pockets or socks, Sharon kept her hands free and her anxiety at bay.

“The line between handling my driving anxiety and freaking out on the freeway was thin. The first time I used my tappers while driving, I kept waiting for my freeze response to kick in, but it didn’t. Being able to drive myself to visit my granddaughter and kids has really expanded my life,” Sharon shared.

Watch Sharon Share Her Story Here

3. Fight Back Against Airport Stress

Airports can be incredibly stressful, with delayed flights, long lines, and the pressure of making connections. This can send your cortisol levels soaring. Using Bi-Tapp tappers at the airport can help you manage this stress. Slip the tappers into your pockets or socks and let the quiet, unobtrusive tapping regulate your nervous system. You’ll find yourself staying calm and composed, even in the busiest airports.

If you struggle with flight anxiety, wear the tappers during your flight. You are able to operate the tappers independent of your mobile device. On the Bi-Tapp app, choose the settings you like while sitting in the airport. Once you are on the plane, (or any other mode of transportation), use your tappers as often as you need to. To do this, quickly press the button on one of the tappers to start the bilateral tapping. Quickly press the button one one of the tappers again to stop the tapping. The tappers will remember the settings you chose. The battery life of the tappers is exceptional. Fully charged tappers will last the entire flight, no matter how long the flight is. To review this feature, go to the help page of Bi-Tapp and watch the How to Video: “Using the Tappers Independent of the App

4. Keep Calm and Enjoy

Exploring a new place can be both exciting and stressful. Finding your hotel, navigating unfamiliar streets, or locating the best place to eat in a new city can be daunting. Bi-Tapp helps you stay calm and enjoy the adventure. By integrating Bi-Tapp into your daily routine, you’ll be better equipped to handle the uncertainties of travel with a relaxed and focused mindset.

5. Overcome Jet Lag and Enjoy Better In-Flight Sleep

Jet lag can ruin the start of your vacation. Often, it’s because we can’t sleep well on the plane or adjust to a new time zone. Bi-Tapp helps with both. Turn on your tappers during the flight and discover how a calm, regulated nervous system improves your sleep quality. Once you arrive, use your tappers to help adjust your circadian rhythms, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to explore. Scientific research shows that bilateral stimulation aids in better sleep, making Bi-Tapp an essential travel companion.

With Bi-Tapp, you can transform your travel experience, reducing stress and enhancing enjoyment. Don’t let travel anxiety hold you back from family gatherings and adventures. Try Bi-Tapp and discover a calmer, more enjoyable way to travel.

Ready for a stress-free travel experience? Give Bi-Tapp a try and tap your way to a better journey!

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