Bi-Tapp and remotEMDR have teamed up to provide therapist controlled tactile BLS for Teletherapy sessions.

Tactile BLS for Teletherapy sessions is now available: A remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp Integration

We have an exciting announcement! remotEMDR is the only online platform to offer therapist controlled tactile BLS using Bi-Tapp tappers.

To use remotEMDR with Bi-Tapp, you or your client will need to buy Bi-Tapp's kit. Please note: the Bi-Tapp/remotEMDR integration currently works with iOS devices only. (the Android App will be released soon) Please make sure your client has access to an iOS device before purchasing tappers.

Once you have the tappers, click on this link for full instructions on setting up the remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp integration on your device.

Have any questions? Contact us!
For more details on Bi-Tapp and its integration with remotEMDR, contact us at customerservice@bi-tapp.com contact remotEMDR at info@remotEMDR.com

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About Us

Learn more about the history of Bi-Tapp

Cindy Jones, LCSW

Co-Founder, CEO

Cindy graduated with her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah in 1996. She has been a mental health therapist for over 25 years. Cindy primarily works with adults in the area of trauma resolution. She conceptualizes treatment through the lens of EMDR therapy, which is an integrative, comprehensive therapy that has successfully been used to treat a wide variety of issues and disorders. She is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and a Certified EMDR therapist. She served as the Southern Utah Regional Coordinator for EMDRIA from 2014-2020. Cindy has organized many trainings and consultation groups for mental health therapists in southern Utah. She is often a presenter at various organizations in her local community and surrounding areas on mental health topics.

Cindy serves as the CEO of Bi-Tapp. These Bluetooth tappers are being utilized by mental health therapists for both in-person and Teletherapy sessions. In addition, Bi-Tapp is being used as a calming resource for people of all ages. Due to the growing mental health needs worldwide, it is critical to have access to resources that can have an immediate positive impact. Bi-Tapp is one of those resources.

Hayley Taylor

Co-Founder, COO

Hayley Taylor, Co-Founder, COO originally served as the Administrative Director of the practice of Cindy A Jones, LCSW & Associates. This practice expanded to 8 therapists over time. Every therapist was full and had a waiting list. Out of sheer necessity, Hayley and Cindy began to explore ways to help the community at large. Hayley had the idea to make bilateral tapping available as a calming resource to the general public. Bilateral stimulation is used as part of EMDR therapy and it is also used as a calming resource. When Hayley shared her idea, they both knew this was the direction they needed to take.
In 2016, Hayley and Cindy began working with a team of engineers to create the Bluetooth tappers. They formed the company, Bi-Tapp, Inc. and the tappers became available to the general public to purchase in November, 2017.
Hayley, Robert Land and Cindy at the EMDRIA Conference

Cindy and Hayley with Valeria Faaootoa, Therapist at Red Hawk Behavioral Health.
Read about how her program uses the tappers here.

Cindy, Kim Blackner, KarriAnn Raddon, Chad Winters, Hayley, Ashley Whiting with Canyon View High School Counseling Department