Bi-Tapp News: What is happening in the world of Bi-Tapp

Bi-Tapp is a resource for Teletherapy

Our world is rapidly changing and we are in a situation where Teletherapy is a way to continue to provide mental health therapy during the Coronavirus pandemic. We, at Bi-Tapp, are receiving calls from mental health therapists regarding the use of the tappers during a Teletherapy session. Bi-Tapp, which stands for bilateral tapping, is a resource that can be used for Teletherapy sessions.

Bi-Tapp has served two primary purposes to date:

A calming resource

The tappers are being used as a calming resource by the general public. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since the tappers were made available to the public in November, 2017.

  • Individuals are finding the rate of speed and the rate of intensity that is calming to them. They are using the tappers to reduce anxiety, improve focus and improve sleep.
  • The tappers are also being used by mental health therapists in session with their clients. These clinicians practice various treatment modalities, not just EMDR therapy. Bi-Tapp is a resource you can use to help your clients/patients feel calmer when they are experiencing anxious, overwhelming feelings. Bilateral tapping is a resource that can help them back into their window of tolerance.

Using bilateral stimulation as a resource is not new. Mark Grant, MA is a clinical psychologist, researcher, author and EMDR consultant. He served as the chairman of the EMDR Association of Australia from 2000-2008.

His research and the Apps he has developed focus on the use of bilateral tones. Mark has been teaching since the 1990’s, that bilateral tones are a safe, effective resource for the majority of people. His website is https://overcomingpain.com. He shares how bilateral tones reduce anxiety, reduce chronic pain and improves sleep. Bilateral tapping simply gives you another option to achieve these same results.

One clinician stated:

“As a mental health clinician, I use Bi-Tapp on a daily basis with every client I have, ages 3 and up! Whether it’s for calm and regulation or EMDR reprocessing, Bi-Tapp provides the perfect amount of bilateral stimulation. I have clients:

  • Take the tappers to school to help keep them regulated
  • Use the tappers for homework and testing
  • Use the tappers to help them get a better night’s sleep

I use it for my own self-care for calming and relaxation. And my children use it for calming and remaining regulated. I’ve found I can be more present and mindful during the day and relaxed when I come home from work. I highly recommend this valuable tool for fellow clinicians and their clients of any age. And to anyone who needs a way to find more calm and regulation in their daily routine, Bi-Tapp is for you!” – Tina, LCSW

Bi-Tapp is a calming resource being used both in therapy sessions and for personal use. A therapist could teach someone how to utilize Bi-Tapp as a resource through Teletherapy.

EMDR Therapists

EMDR therapists are utilizing the tappers during traditional, in-person sessions. Therapists working with children and adolescents have repeatedly reported they like the Bluetooth tappers because their clients can put the tappers in their socks or pockets.

Adult clients have reported liking that the tappers are Bluetooth and they like the tapping sensation. If you place your hands on your thighs and tap back and forth, left, right, left, right, this is the sensation Bi-Tapp has worked to replicate.

EMDR therapists have reported liking the tappers because they are Bluetooth and it gives them an option to use when manual tapping isn’t an option. And there are also times when bilateral eye movements are not an option.

Using the tappers in a Teletherapy EMDR session

A report of the Virtual Training and Therapy Task Group was presented to the EMDRIA Board of Directors on January 18, 2020. (1) I recommend reading this report prior to moving forward with virtual EMDR therapy.

If you choose to utilize the tappers for a teletherapy EMDR session, your client will need to understand the mechanics of the tappers.

  • Your client needs their own tappers
  • Your client will pair the tappers to their mobile device and practice using them so they are comfortable with the tappers.
  • They can adjust the rate of speed and the rate of intensity through the App on their mobile device.
  • When you stop and check in with them after each set, they can do one of three things:
  1. Push the “stop” button on the Bi-Tapp App on their mobile device
  2. Lightly push the button on one of the tappers and the tapping will stop. The tappers will remember the setting, so when they lightly push the button again, the tapping will resume.
  3. When you stop the set to check in with them, they can simply set the tappers off to their side and then pick them up when it is time for the next set.

It is the responsibility of the clinician to provide safe, effective therapy whether in person or through Teletherapy.

The tappers are a tax write off for your client

If your client/patient buys the Bi-Tapp kit as part of therapy, this expense is a qualified write-off. You, as the clinician may want to write a letter stating that the tappers were necessary for teletherapy, even if you are using the tappers simply as a calming resource and not for reprocessing (EMDR therapy). In the event of an IRS audit, your client would have the necessary documentation in place.

Bi-Tapp is a resource for Teletherapy. Bi-Tapp is a dependable product you can rely on. The tappers have over 48 hours battery life per charge. You and your client can rest assured that the battery life will not be a factor during the session. The tappers will stay connected to the App. Tappers are cleaned with disinfecting wipes. We have outstanding customer service and will answer any questions you have. Go to https://bi-tapp.com today.

1. Virtual Training and Therapy Task Group. (2020) A Report of the Virtual Training and Therapy Task Group. Presented to the EMDRIA Board of Directors. 1-19.