Help in the Moment®

Simple strategies to lessen your stress and anxiety

For those times when you feel heightened stress and anxiety, such as:

  • Taking a test
  • Giving a presentation
  • Job interview
  • High performance events
  • Driving 
  • Flying 
  • Stressful events at work, home or school

There are resources you can use to help you proactively manage your stress and anxiety in the moment. 

“I’m a graduate student at Yale University and learned to use these tappers after having failed an important board exam. I was anxious and doubtful while studying to retake the exam (and other exams, too). The tappers helped me move out of “panic mode” and focus on the material I needed to review.

I used the tappers while studying and on my way to take the test. I wasn’t able to bring them into my exam, but I was able to use the strategies from the Help in the Moment handout while taking the exam, it was a game-changer for me!

Thanks to Bi-Tapp, I was able to work through my self-doubt and pass my board exam. I will continue using these tappers for years to come.”

– Kylee, Student

“I used these tappers to help me pass my nursing board exam that I had failed many times previously. I have struggled with test anxiety in the past and have tried many different solutions.

These tappers helped me the most. I was able to calm my nervous system and focus. I used them while studying and during the exam.

I am very grateful for these tappers and I have continued to use them in my everyday life when I get anxious. They help me relax and reset. ”

– Alexis, Student

Help In The Moment document

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When you are anxious or stressed, these are things you can do in the moment to help your nervous system calm down.