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How It Works

Learn more about how and why Bi-Tapp works

Why does bilateral tapping work?

  • Your brain immediately senses the tapping.
  • The bilateral tapping activates each hemisphere of the brain, which automatically begins to calm down the fight/flight response.
  • Choose the rate of speed and intensity of the tapping you find calming. Use this resource as often as needed, to help you feel less anxious, less stressed and less overwhelmed.
". . .we can actually use techniques that stimulate each cerebral hemisphere in an alternating pattern to inhibit the amygdala."
— Robert Scaer, M.D. (2012), 8 Keys to Brain-Body Balance, p.144
“The physiology of stress puts us on high alert for danger and gets us ready for gross motor movements associated with “fight or flight” to survive. In stress, there is no need for high level formal reasoning or creativity, so the thinking part of the brain shuts down as much as 75-85%. This is why it becomes difficult to think logically, creatively or to absorb new learning. Coordinated bilateral movement and rhythm lead to high coherence and improved brain function.”
— Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., SMART MOVES (2005, 1995)
International Educational Consultant, www.carlahannaford.com

Free Bi-Tapp App !

Our exclusive app makes it easy to manage your tappers. Choose the intensity, speed and duration of the tapping.

annotated app image
annotated app image
annotated app image
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You choose the settings that are calming to you.

With Bi-Tapp, Relief Is Here

This resource is simple and effective. You can use your tappers anytime, anywhere, and as often as needed.

Step 1: Charge your tappers

Using the supplied charging cable, plug into any standard USB charger and charge your tappers before use.

Step 2: Pair to your mobile device

Enable bluetooth on your mobile device and open the Bi-Tapp app.

Step 3: Use Bi-Tapp

Choose the rate of speed, intensity and duration. Place on each side of your body.

How To Videos

Watch our How To videos below to learn how to operate your tappers.

Turn On Your Tappers
Turn Off Your Tappers
Charge Your Tappers
Pair Your Tappers
Start and Stop Your Tappers
Using the Tappers Independent of the App
Features Overview
Bi Tapp User

Bilateral tapping is one of the easiest things you can do to automatically help your nervous system calm down.

Tap Your Way To a Better You

The results have been truly remarkable!

“I have nine children and my goal is to give a set of tappers to each of my children to use for themselves, their children and in their work.

I use the tappers regularly to help with anxiety. I tend to numb out and distract myself when something worries me. The tappers help me stay focused and effective. My one daughter uses them with her speech therapy patients to help them stay engaged in their therapy. One daughter uses them with a son who struggles with anxiety and another with attention deficits at school. Another daughter uses them with her children because they are a blended family and sometimes the anxiety of living in two families in two places gets to them. The tappers help them calm down and identify their feelings .

I think the tappers are one of the best grandma gifts I can give with so many applications in our very busy and at times overwhelming world. ”

– MiMi –