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Tap away test anxiety… and tap into your true potential

As a mental health therapist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the debilitating effects of test anxiety on bright, hard-working individuals. It’s heart-wrenching to see their talent and effort overshadowed by test anxiety. Many people who struggle with test anxiety have been unable to pass critical tests in their professional development, with devastating consequences. It’s one of the reasons we created Bi-Tapp, a bilateral stimulation device that can be used before or during the test to bridge the gap between potential and performance. If you have put in the time to be prepared for your exam, you want your performance to match your preparation. 

A Nurse’s Journey to Success

Take Alexis for example. She wanted to be a nurse and graduated from nursing school. The next step? Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN Exam). She knew the material inside and out but was paralyzed by test anxiety after failing this test the first time. After continuing to fail this test multiple times and trying every testing strategy available, she turned to Bi-Tapp.”I used them while studying and during the exam. I was able to calm my nervous system and focus.” With her nervous system regulated, she was able to access the knowledge she had worked so hard to acquire. The result? She passed her test and is now thriving in her nursing career. 

From panic and self-doubt to thriving: A Student’s Transformation

Consider Kylee, who had never failed a test in her life. She went into sheer panic when she unexpectedly failed an important board exam as a student at Yale University.  The pressure to pass this exam the second time was even greater than the pressure to pass the first time. “I was anxious and doubtful while studying to retake the exam and now other exams too.” Bi-Tapp was her solution. “The tappers helped me move out of ‘panic mode’ and focus on the material I needed to review.” By using her tappers while studying and before taking the test, Kylee states, “I was able to work through my self-doubt and pass my board exam. I will continue using these tappers for years to come.” Her success is a testament to the power of nervous system regulation in overcoming test anxiety. 

Understanding the Science Behind Test Anxiety

Test anxiety isn’t just about feeling nervous. It’s a physiological response where the amygdala triggers a fight, flight, or freeze reaction, which can sideline functions in the prefrontal cortex. Without the thinking part of the brain online, people are unable to remember what they studied. Bi-Tapp’s bilateral tapping acts as a calming influence on the amygdala, helping to restore higher cognitive functions like problem solving and providing access to memory.

A Tool for Life Beyond Tests

Bi-Tapp’s impact extends beyond academics. Consider Sharon, who faced severe anxiety while driving on the freeway because of a previous car wreck. Even when weather conditions were fine, she often found herself triggered and having to pull over to the side of the road. With Bi-Tapp, she stayed relaxed enough to drive on the freeway, significantly enhancing her quality of life and allowing her to make the two-hour trip to see her granddaughter every week. Her heartfelt statement says it all: “Without my tappers, my world would be much smaller.”

Your Partner in Overcoming Anxiety

At Bi-Tapp, we’re committed to empowering individuals to conquer anxiety and realize their full potential. Whether you’re facing an important exam, a professional hurdle, or everyday challenges like driving, Bi-Tapp is here to support you.

If test anxiety or stress is holding you back, I invite you to explore how Bi-Tapp can help you regulate your nervous system and keep your thinking brain engaged. It’s time for you to tap into your true potential!

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