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Performance Anxiety: From panic to poise with bilateral tapping

You’re on stage as the lights dim; the curtain rises, and suddenly, your heart pounds—not from excitement, but from panic. Or imagine sitting in a critical meeting where your boss expects you to speak up. As your turn draws near, your thoughts scatter and your heart’s pounding drowns out the voices around you. In these moments, flooded with performance anxiety, it seems impossible to show up in a way that reflects your level of preparation.

What is Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety, or stage fright, involves intense fear of failure and judgment that can disrupt your ability to function effectively. It often occurs in situations where your performance is evaluated and can lead to overwhelming physical and psychological reactions.

The Science Behind the Anxiety

When your sympathetic nervous system kicks in, adrenaline surges through your body, priming you for action. Your hands may shake, and your pulse quickens—useful in dangerous situations but problematic when you need precision, like during a musical performance or a high-stakes meeting.

At the heart of this reaction is your amygdala, which processes fear and diverts energy from your prefrontal cortex—the thinking part of your brain. This can leave you blank, searching for words or forgetting your well-rehearsed pieces, turning these crucial moments into trials of stress rather than opportunities to shine.

How Bilateral Tapping Can Help

Bilateral tapping has been proven to calm your overactive amygdala, allowing your rational brain to come back online. This method involves gentle, rhythmic tapping that helps reduce anxiety quickly, restoring your ability to think clearly and perform effectively. It’s a technique that opens new doors for managing stress and excelling under pressure. Bi-Tapp has created Bluetooth tappers to do the bilateral tapping for you. Once you pair the tappers to the Bi-Tapp app on you mobile device, you are able to customize the settings. You choose the rate of speed you want the tapping to be and you get to choose the intensity of the tapping. Use this resource before your stressful event, during the event if that is an option and following your event. This innovative technology is opening doors for people who were unable to manage their stress well enough to perform at their best.

Real-Life Successes

Amanda, a violinist, was significantly impacted by performance anxiety, found relief with Bi-Tapp tappers. Just before a key performance, with panic setting in, she activated the tappers. The immediate effect helped her regain control over her breathing and composure, enabling her to perform at her best. Finally, her performances began to reflect all her long hours of practice. To hear Amanda’s experience in her own words, watch her video here.

Like Amanda, thousands have found that Bi-Tapp’s bilateral tapping significantly eases the stress of high-stakes environments and helps them tamp down an aroused amygdala and keep their thinking brain online. Common situations in which Bi-Tapp has helped people improve their performances include:

  • Passing exams
  • Interviewing for a job
  • Giving a presentation
  • High performance competitions or events

We all face crucial moments where the fear of failure can be overwhelming. That’s why we created Bi-Tapp. By using Bi-Tapp tappers to regulate your nervous system during these critical times, you can change  and unlock new possibilities. This tool empowers everyone to perform at their best, making pivotal moments less daunting and more triumphant.

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