Bi-Tapp and remotEMDR have teamed up to provide therapist controlled tactile BLS for Teletherapy sessions.

Tactile BLS for Teletherapy sessions is now available: A remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp Integration

We have an exciting announcement! remotEMDR is the only online platform to offer therapist controlled tactile BLS using Bi-Tapp tappers.

To use remotEMDR with Bi-Tapp, you or your client will need to buy Bi-Tapp's kit. Please note: the Bi-Tapp/remotEMDR integration currently works with iOS devices only. (the Android App will be released soon) Please make sure your client has access to an iOS device before purchasing tappers.

Once you have the tappers, click on this link for full instructions on setting up the remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp integration on your device.

Have any questions? Contact us!
For more details on Bi-Tapp and its integration with remotEMDR, contact us at customerservice@bi-tapp.com contact remotEMDR at info@remotEMDR.com

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