Bi-Tapp is a resource for Teletherapy

Bi-Tapp is a resource for Teletherapy

Our world is rapidly changing and we are in a situation where Teletherapy is a way to continue to provide mental health therapy during the Coronavirus pandemic. We, at Bi-Tapp, are receiving calls from mental health therapists regarding the use of the tappers during a...

Review of the week

"I used these tappers to help me pass my nursing board exam that I had failed many times previously, I have struggled with test anxiety in the past and have tried many different solutions. These tappers helped me the most. I was able to calm my nervous system and focus. I used them while studying and during the exam. I am very grateful for these tappers and I have continued to use them in my everyday life when I get anxious. They help me relax and reset."

- Alexis